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European Orchids


European Orchids  -  Hybrids:

The orchids, which consist of 36 genera and more than 500 species and subspecies in the European flora area, are a relative young less stabilized family of plants. Within it hybrids (bastards) between closely related species are more frequently occurring than in other plant families.


European Orchids  -  Short Reports:


European Orchids  -  Pollination:


European Orchids  -  Various Items:



Ophrys scolopax Color variant, F Dept. Pyrénées-Orientales 10.4.04
Ophrys scolopax Color variant
F Dept.Pyrénées-Orientales 10.4.04
Epipactis purpurata var. rosea, F Mulhouse 17.8.04
Epipactis purpurata var. erdneri, F Mulhouse 17.8.04
Ophrys insectifera Color variant, D Palatina 4.5.03
Ophrys insectifera Color variant, D Palatina 4.5.03
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