Earliest Orchids of Crete

Seen 9 orchid species in flower in Crete 10. - 16. February 2002, state related to 16. February 2002:

Ophrys mesariticalate flower at Andiskari and Phaistos, full flower at Grigoria (400 m)
Anacamptis collinafull to late flower at many sites
Ophrys basilissafull flower at several sites
Ophrys sitiacafull flower at several sites
Ophrys thriptiensis PAULUS 1998 in Jour.Eur.Orch.30(1)full flower at Monastiraki (150 m), starting flower above Pano Horio (300 m)
Ophrys siculastarting flower at Phaistos
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. aegaea (heroica)opening first flowers at few early sites
Barlia robertianaopening first flowers at few early sites
Ophrys creticola PAULUS 1998 in Jour.Eur.Orch.30(1)opening first flowers at base of Jouhtas near Arhanes

Ophrys sitiaca, Crete Arhanes Jouhtas 13.2.2002 Ophrys sitiaca Crete Arhanes, Jouhtas 13.2.2002 Ophrys creticola, Crete Arhanes Jouhtas 16.2.2002 Ophrys creticola Crete Arhanes Jouhtas 16.2.2002 Ophrys thriptiensis, Crete Monastiraki 12.2.2002 Ophrys thriptiensis Crete Monastiraki 12.2.2002
Ophrys mesaritica Crete Phaistos 11.2.2002 Ophrys mesaritica Crete Phaistos 11.2.2002
Ophrys mesaritica Color variant, Crete Phaistos 13.2.2002 Ophrys mesaritica farbvariante_color-variant Crete Phaistos 13.2.2002 Ophrys basilissa, Crete Phaistos 15.2.2002 Ophrys basilissa Crete Phaistos 15.2.2002
Ophrys sicula, Crete Phaistos 11.2.02 Ophrys sicula Crete Phaistos 11.2.02 Anacamptis+collina, Crete Phaistos 11.2.2002 Anacamptis collina Crete Phaistos 11.2.2002
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. aegaea, Crete Arhanes, Jouhtas 30.3.15 Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. aegaea Crete Arhanes, Jouhtas 30.3.15

Some other blooming plants in this season:
Poppy Anemone, Anemone coronaria, Crete Gournia 14.2.2002
Poppy Anemone Anemone coronaria
Crete Gournia 14.2.2002
Heldreich's Anemone, Anemone hortensis subsp. heldreichii, Crete Arhanes Jouhtas 13.2.2002
Heldreich's Anemone Anemone hortensis subsp. heldreichii
Crete Arhanes Jouhtas 13.2.2002

Snake's-head Iris, Hermodactylus tuberosus, Crete Gournia 14.2.2002 Snake's-head Iris Hermodactylus tuberosus
Crete Gournia 14.2.2002
Winter-blooming Iris, Iris unguicularis subsp. cretensis, Crete Phaistos 15.2.2002 Winter-blooming Iris Iris unguicularis subsp. cretensis
Crete Phaistos 15.2.2002
Sand Crocus, Romulea bulbocodium, Crete Arhanes, Jouhtas 13.2.2002 Sand Crocus Romulea+bulbocodium
Crete Arhanes, Jouhtas 13.2.2002
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