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Preview image Epipactis veratrifolia subsp. oaseana / Scarce Marsh Helleborine Veratrifoliae IL Zyp
Orchis galilaea / Galilee Orchid Punctulatae IL
Ophrys adonidis / Adonis Orchid Mammosae IL
Ophrys latilabris / Wide-Lipped Bee Orchid Umbilicatae IL
Ophrys umbilicata subsp. beerii / Beeri Bee Orchid Umbilicatae IL
Ophrys carmeli / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae IL
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. palaestina / Palestine Butterfly Orchid Papilionaceae IL
Anacamptis israelitica / Israeli Orchid Moriones IL
Anacamptis israelitica x Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. palaestina - IL
Dactylorhiza islandica / Iceland Orchid Maculatae Isl
Platanthera hyperborea / Northern Green Orchid - Isl
Pseudorchis albida subsp. straminea / White Mountain Orchid, Vanilla-Scent Bog Orchid - Isl S
Dactylorhiza cantabrica / Cantabrian Orchid Sambucinae E
Epipactis leptochila subsp. dinarica / Dinarian Helleborine Helleborinae HR
Cephalanthera damasonium / Large White Helleborine - A D F GR HR I
Dactylorhiza majalis / Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae A D F
Dactylorhiza fuchsii / Common Spotted Orchid Maculatae A CH D Est F GB HR I IRL
Dactylorhiza sambucina / Elder-flower Orchid Sambucinae A D E F GR HR I
Ophrys insectifera / Fly Orchid Musciferae A D E F I IRL
Serapias lingua x Serapias parviflora - E
Ophrys riojana x Ophrys speculum - E
Ophrys forestieri x Ophrys vasconica - E
Ophrys ficalhoana x Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis - E
Ophrys ficalhoana x Ophrys sphegodes - E
Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis x Ophrys sphegodes - E
Ophrys ficalhoana x Ophrys scolopax - E
Pseudorchis albida / Small White Orchid - A D F GB
Dactylorhiza parvimajalis Latifoliae/Angustifoliae F
Gymnadenia conopsea / Common Fragrant Orchid - A D F HR
Dactylorhiza alpestris / Alpine Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae F
Orchis italica Farbvariante_Color variant / Wavy-Leaved Monkey Orchid, Italian Man Orchid Militares Kre Rho
Ophrys orientalis / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Zyp
Ophrys balearica / Balearic Orchid Bertoloniorum Ibi Mal
Ophrys mammosa / Mammosa Orchid Mammosae Chi GR Rho
Epipactis helleborine / Broad-Leaved Helleborine Helleborinae A CZ D DK F I IRL PL
Ophrys ferrum-equinum / Horseshoe Orchid Mammosae Chi GR Les Rho
Orchis sezikiana / Sezik's Orchid Pusillae Chi Kre
Ophrys umbilicata / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Chi Rho
Orchis anatolica / Anatolian Orchid Patentes Chi Rho Zyp
Ophrys regis-ferdinandii Ciliatae Chi Rho
Anacamptis morio subsp. caucasica / Southern Caucasian Orchid Moriones Chi GR Les Rho
Ophrys phryganae / Phrygana Bee Orchid Fusci (lutea s.l.) Chi GR Kre Rho
Ophrys heterochila x Ophrys lyciensis - TR
Epipactis phyllanthes / Green-flowered Helleborine Helleborinae DK E F GB
Epipactis dunensis subsp. sancta / Lindisfarne Helleborine Helleborinae GB
Epipactis dunensis subsp. tynensis / Tyne Helleborine Helleborinae GB
Ophrys apifera var. cambrensis / Welsh Bee Orchid Apiferae GB
Epipactis dunensis / Dune Helleborine Helleborinae GB
Spiranthes romanzoffiana / Irish Lady's-Tresses - GB IRL
Corallorrhiza trifida / Coral-root Orchid - A F HR S
Platanthera oligantha / Blunt-Leaved Orchid, Small Northern Bog Orchid - S
Dactylorhiza maculata / Spotted Orchid Maculatae A D E F I
Platanthera bifolia / Lesser Butterfly Orchid - A D DK F HR I IRL SLO
Dactylorhiza pomeranica / Western Pomeranian Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae D
Orchis purpurea / Lady Orchid Militares D E F GR I
Gymnadenia conopsea Farbvariante_Color variant / Common Fragrant Orchid - A D
Ophrys sphegodes / Early Spider Orchid Araneiferae D E F HR I
Gymnadenia odoratissima Deformation / Short-spurred Fragrant Orchid - A D I
Dactylorhiza ochroleuca / Fen Marsh Orchid Incarnatae D Lie
Dactylorhiza praetermissa / Southern Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae D GB NL
Ophrys apifera var. aurita / Bee Orchid Apiferae D GB
Listera cordata / Lesser Twayblade - D GR IRL
Coeloglossum viride / Frog Orchid - A D F GB I IRL
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x Dactylorhiza majalis - D
Platanthera chlorantha Deformation / Greater Butterfly Orchid - D
Platanthera bifolia x Platanthera chlorantha - D F
Ophrys apifera forma chlorantha / Bee Orchid Apiferae D I
Platanthera chlorantha / Greater Butterfly Orchid - D F GR I
Neottia nidus-avis / Bird's-Nest Orchid - A D E HR I
Ophrys holoserica / Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae D F I
Orchis militaris / Military Orchid Militares D F HR
Ophrys phaseliana / Phaselis Orchid Fusci Chi TR
Serapias aphroditae / Aphrodite's Serapias - TR Zyp
Ophrys heterochila x Ophrys umbilicata - TR
Ophrys lyciensis / Lycian Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys labiosa / Lipped Orchid Mammosae Chi TR
Orchis punctulata / Punctate Orchid Punctulatae TR Zyp
Ophrys lycia / Lycian Orchid Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys urteae / Beetle Fusci TR
Ophrys heterochila Fuciflorae Chi Rho TR
Cephalanthera kurdica / Kurdish Helleborine - TR
Ophrys climacis / Orchid Argolicae TR
Ophrys herae subsp. osmaniaca / Turkish Hera Orchid Mammosae TR
Ophrys lapethica subsp. pamphylica / Pamphylian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae TR
Ophrys cinereophila Fusci Chi Kre Rho Zyp
Ophrys orphanidea / Orphanides' Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Chi
Ophrys pelinaea / Pelinaio's Bee Orchid Fusci Chi Les
Ophrys parosica / Paros' Orchid Fusci Chi GR
Anacamptis sancta / Holy Orchid Coriophorae Chi Les Rho
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. aegaea / Pink Butterfly Orchid Papilionaceae Chi GR Kre Rho
Orchis provincialis / Provence Orchid Masculae Chi F I Kre Les Rho
Ophrys fuciflora subsp. pallidiconi Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys fuciflora subsp. pallidiconi x Ophrys umbilicata - TR
Ophrys omegaifera Fusci (omegaifera s.l.) Chi Kre
Orchis italica / Wavy-Leaved Monkey Orchid, Italian Man Orchid Militares Chi E GR HR I Kre Les P Rho
Ophrys leochroma / Lion-Maned Orchid Tenthrediniferae Chi Kre Rho
Serapias bergonii / Bergon's Serapias - Chi GR Kre Les Rho Siz
Ophrys calypsus Umbilicatae Chi GR Rho
Ophrys reinholdii / Reinhold's Bee Orchid Reinholdiae Chi Rho
Ophrys iricolor / Rainbow Bee Orchid Fusci (iricolor s.l.) Chi GR Kre Rho Zyp


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