Color Variants of European Orchids
Color variants can be albinos, which are lacking chlorophyll and are only able to survive by nutrients obtained in another way, e.g. mycotrophously, i.e. from fungus braids in the soil. Color variations can also be white flowers (yellow or greenish for Ophrys), which are caused genetically, if a pigment (anthocyanin) is not built up. Also over-coloring is a kind of color variant.

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Preview image Anacamptis collina / Fan-Lipped Orchid Saccatae Kre Rho Siz
Anacamptis coriophora / Bug Orchid Coriophorae D F HR
Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans / Fragrant Orchid Coriophorae F GR HR I Kre Les Mal P Rho
Anacamptis laxiflora / Loose-flowered Orchid Laxiflorae F HR Kre Rho
Anacamptis longicornu / Long-spurred Orchid Moriones Mal Sar
Anacamptis morio / Green-Veined Orchid Moriones D F HR
Anacamptis morio subsp. caucasica / Southern Caucasian Orchid Moriones Chi GR Les
Anacamptis morio subsp. syriaca / Syrian Orchid Moriones TR
Anacamptis palustris subsp. elegans Laxiflorae HR Kre Les
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. aegaea / Pink Butterfly Orchid Papilionaceae Chi GR Kre
Anacamptis picta Moriones F
Anacamptis pyramidalis / Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis D GB I IRL Kre Les Mal
Anacamptis pyramidalis Farbvariante_Color variant / Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis Kre Les
Anacamptis sancta / Holy Orchid Coriophorae Chi Les
Cephalanthera rubra chlorotisch / Red Helleborine -
Dactylorhiza baumanniana / Baumann's Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae
Dactylorhiza elata / Robust Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae E
Dactylorhiza fuchsii forma albiflora / Common Spotted Orchid Maculatae D
Dactylorhiza fuchsii forma rhodochila / Common Spotted Orchid Maculatae
Dactylorhiza incarnata / Early Marsh Orchid Incarnatae CH D
Dactylorhiza islandica / Iceland Orchid Maculatae
Dactylorhiza kalopissii / Kalopissis' Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae
Dactylorhiza maculata / Spotted Orchid Maculatae A D E F
Dactylorhiza praetermissa / Southern Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae D GB
Dactylorhiza pulchella / Purple Marsh Orchid Incarnatae GB
Dactylorhiza traunsteineri / Narrow-Leaved Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae D
Epipactis helleborine forma monotropoides / Broad-Leaved Helleborine Helleborinae
Epipactis kleinii chlorotisch / Small-flowered Helleborine Atrorubentae
Epipactis muelleri forma chlorotica / Mueller's Helleborine Helleborinae
Epipactis purpurata forma rosea / Violet Helleborine Helleborinae D
Gymnadenia conopsea Farbvariante_Color variant / Common Fragrant Orchid - A
Gymnadenia odoratissima Farbvariante_Color variant / Short-spurred Fragrant Orchid -
Limodorum abortivum / Violet Limodore - Cor D E F GR HR I Kre Les Rho
Limodorum trabutianum Farbvariante_Color variant / Trabut's Limodore -
Neotinea lactea / Milky Tridentatae F GR I Kre Rho Sar
Neotinea tridentata / Toothed Orchid Tridentatae D F GR HR I Les Sar Siz
Neotinea ustulata / Burnt Orchid Tridentatae D E F
Nigritella rhellicani Farbvariante_Color variant / Vanilla Orchid - F
Ophrys apifera forma chlorantha / Bee Orchid Apiferae D
Ophrys apifera var. basiliensis / Basel Bee Orchid Apiferae
Ophrys balearica / Balearic Orchid Bertoloniorum Ibi
Ophrys cinereophila Farbvariante_Color variant Fusci
Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis Farbvariante_Color variant / False Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys ferrum-equinum Farbvariante_Color variant / Horseshoe Orchid Mammosae
Ophrys grammica Farbvariante_Color variant / Grammos Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys holoserica Farbvariante_Color variant / Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae D
Ophrys insectifera Farbvariante_Color variant / Fly Orchid Musciferae
Ophrys mammosa Farbvariante_Color variant / Bosom Orchid Mammosae GR
Ophrys mesaritica Farbvariante_Color variant / Mesara Ophrys Fusci (iricolor s.l.)
Ophrys neglecta Farbvariante_Color variant / Italian Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae
Ophrys orientalis / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys pelinaea / Pelinaio's Bee Orchid Fusci Chi
Ophrys provincialis Farbvariante_Color variant / Provence Spider Orchid Argolicae
Ophrys reinholdii Farbvariante_Color variant / Reinhold's Bee Orchid Reinholdiae
Ophrys scolopax Farbvariante_Color variant / Woodcock Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys sicula / Sicilian Fusci (lutea s.l.) GR I Kre Les Rho
Ophrys speculum Farbvariante_Color variant / Mirror Orchid Ciliatae
Ophrys sphegodes Farbvariante_Color variant / Early Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys subfusca Fusci E F
Orchis cazorlensis / Cazorla Orchid Patentes
Orchis italica Farbvariante_Color variant / Wavy-Leaved Monkey Orchid, Italian Man Orchid Militares Kre
Orchis mascula subsp. pinetorum Farbvariante_Color variant / Pine-Wood Purple Orchid Masculae
Orchis militaris Farbvariante_Color variant / Military Orchid Militares D
Orchis olbiensis Farbvariante_Color variant Masculae E
Orchis purpurea Farbvariante_Color variant / Lady Orchid Militares E
Orchis quadripunctata / Four-spotted Orchid Pusillae GR HR I Kre
Orchis simia Farbvariante_Color variant / Monkey Orchid Militares D
Orchis spitzelii Farbvariante_Color variant / Spitzel's Orchid Patentes
Serapias nurrica Farbvariante_Color variant / La Nurra Serapias -
Serapias parviflora Farbvariante_Color variant / Small Tongue Orchid - P
Serapias vomeracea Farbvariante_Color variant / Long-lipped Serapias -
Traunsteinera globosa Farbvariante_Color variant / Globe Orchid -

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