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Fam.: Asteraceae / Composite Fam.      

Synon.:  Eupatorium adenophorum  SPRENG.

Genus:  Ageratina  SPACH,  Eupatorium  L.

   SPRENG.:  Kurt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel (1766 - 1833), German physician and botanist at Halle
   R.M.KING:  Robert Merrill King (1930 - 2007), da = Botaniker in den USA botanist in USA
   H.ROB.:  Harold Ernest Robinson (1932 - 2020), botanist in USA
   SPACH:  Édouard Spach (1801 - 1879), French botanist
   L.:  Carl von Linné (Linnaeus, 1707 - 1777), Swedish naturalist who introduced the binary naming system for plants and animals

   Ageratina:   diminutive of Ageratum = Billygoatweed
   adenophora:   bearing glands
   Eupatorium:   Roman plant name
   adenophorum:   bearing glands

Ageratina adenophora / Crofton Weed, Sticky Snakeroot, La Palma El Pilar 18.3.1996
Fig. 1:  Ageratina adenophora / Crofton Weed, Sticky Snakeroot
La Palma, El Pilar 18.3.1996

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