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In 2006 I started to take photos of all wild plants of my home region in South-West Germany and to present it here. Also on trips I take photos of the wild plants in flower and try to determine these, so over the years it will become a big photo collection of plants of the European flora region, which can be accessed in many different sortings. Currently already 106274 photos of 6267 species, subspecies, varieties, and hybrids (without orchids) out of 1233 genera and 189 families are available.
Before that my interest was especially in the orchids of the European flora region, and when searching for orchids since 1986 at many sites between Portugal and Cyprus, between Tunisia and Sweden I had taken only few photos of other plants, usually striking ones. The orchids however are not found here, but in another section of this internet site.
The most left column of the plant selection lists offers a preview to a photo of the species on which selection the cursor is currently pointing, resp. pointed last. Condition is that Javascript is enabled in your browser.
Unfortunately I did not manage to determine all plants of which I have taken photos yet, and about photos with question mark ? I am not sure. For hints or corrections I am thankful (please write the e-mail address out, because of SPAM robots):

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