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Rosaceae / Rose Family

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Sorbaria sorbifolia / Ural False Spiraea D
Physocarpus opulifolius / Common Ninebark D
Spiraea / Meadowsweet (8 Taxa)
Sibiraea altaiensis subsp. croatica / Croatian Sibirea HR
Aruncus dioicus / Goat's Beard Spiraea aruncus,
Aruncus sylvester,
Aruncus vulgaris
Filipendula / Meadowsweet (2 Taxa)
Rhodotypos scandens / Jetbead D
Kerria japonica / Kerrie D
Rubus / Bramble (182 Taxa)
Rosa / Rose (35 Taxa)
Agrimonia / Agrimony (2 Taxa)
Aremonia agrimonoides / Bastard Agrimony GR
Sanguisorba / Burnet (4 Taxa)
Sarcopoterium spinosum / Thorny Burnet Poterium spinosum Chi GR Kre Les Mal Rho
Dryas octopetala / Mountain Avens A I IRL
Geum / Avens (10 Taxa)
Waldsteinia / Barren Strawberry (2 Taxa)
Potentilla / Cinquefoil (46 Taxa)
Potentilla fruticosa / Shrubby Cinquefoil Dasiphora fruticosa F IRL S
Potentilla palustris / Marsh Cinquefoil Comarum palustre CH D S
Potentilla anserina / Silverweed Argentina anserina D NL
Potentilla rupestris / Rock Cinquefoil Drymocallis rupestris D F I
Potentilla corsica / Corsian Cinquefoil F
Potentilla multifida / Cut-Leaved Cinquefoil S
Potentilla argentea agg. / Hoary Cinquefoil D I
Potentilla argentea var. tephrodes / Grey Hoary Cinquefoil D
Potentilla inclinata / Grey Cinquefoil D I
Potentilla collina s.l. / Palmleaf Cinquefoil D
Potentilla alsatica / Alsatian Cinquefoil F
Potentilla rhenana / Rhenish Cinquefoil D
Potentilla leucopolitana / Wissembourg Cinquefoil D
Potentilla praecox / Early Cinquefoil D
Potentilla schultzii / Schultz' Cinquefoil D
Potentilla supina / Carpet Cinquefoil A D
Potentilla norvegica / Rough Cinquefoil D
Potentilla intermedia / Downy Cinquefoil, Russian Cinquefoil D
Potentilla astracanica / Astrakhanian Cinquefoil GR
Potentilla recta / Sulphur Cinquefoil D F HR
Potentilla pedata / Long-Haired Cinquefoil F HR I
Potentilla hirta / Hairy Cinquefoil F
Potentilla pyrenaica / Pyrenean Cinquefoil F
Potentilla thuringiaca / Thuringian Cinquefoil D
Potentilla brauniana / Dwarf Cinquefoil Potentilla brauneana A
Potentilla crantzii / Alpine Cinquefoil F I
Potentilla aurea / Golden Cinquefoil A D F I
Potentilla heptaphylla / Seven-Leaved Cinquefoil D F HR I
Potentilla heptaphylla x incana / Hybrid Cinquefoil ? Potentilla x subacauli-opaca D
Potentilla neumanniana / Spring Cinquefoil Potentilla verna,
Potentilla tabernaemontani
Potentilla pusilla / Small Cinquefoil D I
Potentilla subarenaria / Spring Cinquefoil D
Potentilla incana / Sand Cinquefoil Potentilla arenaria,
Potentilla cinerea
Potentilla erecta / Tormentil Potentilla tormentilla A D E F S
Potentilla anglica / Trailing Tormentil D
Potentilla reptans / Creeping Cinquefoil D HR Mal
Potentilla caulescens / Cinquefoil A I
Potentilla clusiana / Clusius Cinquefoil A
Potentilla nitida / Pink Cinquefoil I
Potentilla alchemilloides / Alchemilla-Leaved Cinquefoil, Pyrenean Cinquefoil E F
Potentilla nivalis / Snow Cinquefoil E
Potentilla nivalis subsp. asturica / Astrian Cinquefoil E
Potentilla alba / White Cinquefoil D
Potentilla montana / Mountain Cinquefoil E
Potentilla sterilis / Barren Strawberry A D
Potentilla micrantha / Pink Barren Strawberry D I
Sibbaldia procumbens / Creeping Sibbaldia D F
Fragaria / Strawberry (5 Taxa)
Duchesnea indica / Yellow-flowered Strawberry Potentilla indica D HR I
Alchemilla / Lady's Mantle (25 Taxa)
Aphanes / Parsley Piert (2 Taxa)
Cydonia oblonga / Quince D Les
Pyrus / Pear (4 Taxa)
Malus / Apple (3 Taxa)
Sorbus / Whitebeam,Ash (58 Taxa)
Eriobotrya japonica / Loquat I Les Mal
Amelanchier / Service Berry (3 Taxa)
Cotoneaster / Cotoneaster (9 Taxa)
Pyracantha coccinea agg. / Firethorn D
Mespilus germanica / Medlar D
Crataegus / Hawthorn (10 Taxa)
Prunus / Drupes (21 Taxa)

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
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