Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Lecanorales / Lichens

Lichens are no plants, but a symbiotic community of Fungi and Algae. The Crustose Lichens (Teloschistales) are here maintained separately from the real Lichens (Lecanorales).


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Cladonia / Lichen (22 Taxa)
Ramalina / Lichen (3 Taxa)
Thamnolia vermicularis / Whiteworm Lichen A
Evernia prunastri / Oak Moss D
Pseudevernia furfuracea / Tree Moss A D S
Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta / African Hypotrachyna Lichen ? D
Flavoparmelia / Geenshield Lichen (2 Taxa)
Parmelia / Shield Lichen (5 Taxa)
Arctoparmelia incurva / Powdered Rockfrog Lichen ? Parmelia incurva F
Platismatia glauca / Glaucous Leafy Lichen, Ragbag Cetraria glauca D
Cetraria islandica / Iceland Moss A
Punctelia / Lichen (3 Taxa)
Hypogymnia physodes / Tube Lichen D
Parmotrema perlatum / Black Stone Flower ? D
Melanohalea laciniatula / Melanohalea ? D
Lecanora / Rim Lichen (5 Taxa)
Myriolecis percrenata / Crenate Rim Lichen Lecanora percrenata D
Aspicilia / Lichen (2 Taxa)
Endocarpon pusillum / Cole Lichen D
Umbilicaria / Rock Tripe (2 Taxa)
Solorina saccata / Chocolade Chip Lichen ? I
Peltigera / Lichen (8 Taxa)
Lobaria scrobiculata / Textured Lungwort ? D
Physcia / Rosette Lichen (3 Taxa)
Phaeophyscia orbicularis / Mealy Shadow Lichen D
Dermatocarpon miniatum / Stippleback Lichen ? A
Physconia grisea / Grey Frost Lichen ? D
Hyperphyscia adglutinata / Grainy Schadow-Crust Lichen D
Amandinea punctata / Tiny Button Lichen D
Alyxoria ochrocheila / Scribble Lichen D
Toninia toniniana / Toninia ? Sam
Rhizocarpon geographicum / Map Lichen A E I S
Candelaria pacifica / Eggyolk Lichen D
Candelariella / Eggyolk Lichen (2 Taxa)
Botrydina botrydioides / Omphalina ? Omphalina ericetorum D
Lecanorales / Lichen (16 Taxa)

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