Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Cyperaceae / Sedge Family

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Scirpus sylvaticus / Wood Club-Rush D
Bolboschoenus / Club-Rush (3 Taxa)
Schoenoplectus / Club-Rush (4 Taxa)
Scirpoides holoschoenus / Round-Headed Club-Rush F GR I Kre Les Sam
Isolepis / Club Rush (3 Taxa)
Trichophorum / Deer Grass (3 Taxa)
Blysmus compressus / Flat-Sedge D F
Eriophorum / Cotton Grass (4 Taxa)
Eleocharis / Spike Rush (12 Taxa)
Cyperus / Flatsedge (8 Taxa)
Cladium mariscus / Great Fen Sedge D HR
Rhynchospora / Beak Sedge (2 Taxa)
Schoenus / Bog-Rush (2 Taxa)
Elyna myosuroides / Bellardi Bog Sedge Kobresia myosuroides,
Kobresia bellardii,
Carex myosuroides
Carex / Sedge (95 Taxa)
Carex distachya / Two-Spiked Sedge Mal
Carex paniculata / Greater Tussock Sedge A D F I
Carex vulpina / True Fox Sedge D F
Carex otrubae / False Fox Sedge A Cor D
Carex vulpinoidea / American Fox Sedge, Brown Fox Sedge D
Carex spicata / Spicate Sedge, Prickly Sedge D Sam
Carex muricata / Prickly Sedge ? D F
Carex pairae / Paira's Sedge ? Carex muricata subsp. lamprocarpa D
Carex divulsa / Berkeley Sedge, European Grey Sedge D
Carex polyphylla / Berkeley Sedge, Grassland Sedge Carex divulsa subsp. leersii,
Carex guestphalica
Carex arenaria / Sand Sedge D IRL S
Carex ligerica / French Sedge Carex colchica,
Carex arenaria subsp. ligerica
Carex disticha / Brown Sedge, Two-Ranked Sedge D F
Carex praecox / Vernal Sedge A D
Carex brizoides / Quaking Grass Sedge A D F
Carex remota / Remote Sedge A D HR I
Carex bohemica / Bohemian Sedge D F
Carex ovalis / Oval Sedge Carex leporina A D F
Carex echinata / Star Sedge Carex stellulata A D IRL S
Carex davalliana / Turf Sedge, Bath Sedge D F
Carex elongata / Elongated Sedge D
Carex lachenalii / Hare's-Foot Sedge E F
Carex canescens / Silvery Sedge A D
Carex brunnescens / Brownish Sedge, Green Bog Sedge A
Carex baldensis / Monte Baldo Sedge I
Carex curvula / Curly Sedge A
Carex hirta / Hairy Sedge D
Carex atherodes / Wheat Sedge S
Carex lasiocarpa / Slender Sedge, Wooly-Fruited Sedge S
Carex acutiformis / Lesser Pond Sedge D
Carex riparia / Great Pond Sedge A D
Carex pseudocyperus / Cyperus Sedge D HR
Carex rostrata / Bottle Sedge D
Carex vesicaria / Blister Sedge D
Carex pendula / Pendulous Sedge, Hanging Sedge D E Sam
Carex sylvatica / Wood Sedge A D
Carex capillaris / Hair Sedge F
Carex strigosa / Thin-Spiked Wood Sedge D F
Carex flacca / Blue Sedge, Carnation Grass A D
Carex hispida / Hispid Sedge Sam
Carex panicea / Carnation Sedge D F
Carex vaginata / Sheathed Sedge A
Carex depauperata / Starved Wood Sedge F
Carex michelii / Micheli Sedge D
Carex pilosa / Hairy Greenweed A D
Carex secalina / Rye Sedge A
Carex laevigata / Smooth-Stalked Sedge D
Carex distans / Distant Sedge D
Carex hostiana / Tawny Sedge D IRL
Carex flava / Large Yellow-Sedge A D
Carex lepidocarpa / Shed Sedge A D F SLO
Carex demissa / Common Yellow Sedge D F
Carex viridula / Little Green Sedge, Small-Fruited Yellow Sedge A D F
Carex grayi / Gray's Sedge, Mace Sedge D
Carex pallescens / Pale Sedge D I S
Carex halleriana / Southern Sedge, Haller's Sedge Carex hallerana Kre
Carex digitata / Fingered Sedge CH D
Carex ornithopoda / Bird's Foot Sedge D HR
Carex humilis / Dwarf Sedge D
Carex caryophyllea / Spring Sedge CH D
Carex umbrosa / Umbrosa Sedge D I
Carex illegitima / Bastard Sedge ? GR
Carex tomentosa / Downy-Fruited Sedge D
Carex ericetorum / Heath Sedge Cor D F
Carex montana / Mountain Sedge, Soft-Leaved Sedge D F
Carex pilulifera / Pill Sedge D
Carex alba / White Sedge A D
Carex supina / Dwarf Sedge D
Carex liparocarpos / Sedge ? Carex nitida,
Carex alpestris,
Carex alpina
Carex sempervirens / Evergreen Sedge A D HR I
Carex firma / Cushion Sedge A
Carex ferruginea / Rusty Sedge A CH D F
Carex brachystachys / Short-Spiked Sedge A
Carex frigida / Ice Sedge A
Carex limosa / Bog Sedge S
Carex paupercula / Tall Bog Sedge Carex irrigua A
Carex atrata / Black Alpine Sedge A F
Carex parviflora / Small-Flowered Sedge A
Carex hartmaniorum / Hartman's D
Carex halophila / Osterbotten Sedge S
Carex elata / Tufted Sedge D
Carex morrowii / Japanese Sedge D
Carex nigra / Common Sedge A D F
Carex nigra s.l. / Common Sedge A
Carex acuta / Acute Sedge, Slender Tufted Sedge Carex gracilis D
Carex randalpina / Neumann's Sedge A
Carex pauciflora / Few-Flowered Sedge A
Carex rupestris / Rock Sedge A
Carex pulicaris / Flea Sedge IRL
Carex spec1 / Sedge ? D
Carex spec2 / Sedge ? A
Carex spec3 / Sedge ? D
Carex spec4 / Sedge ? Cor
Carex spec5 / Sedge ? D
Carex spec6 / Sedge ? F

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