Photos of European Plants according to the traditional botanical System:
Berberidaceae / Barberry Family

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Preview image Leontice leontopetalum / Rakaf Rho
Epimedium alpinum / Barren-Wort D
Epimedium perralderianum / Barren-Wort D
Epimedium x perralchicum / Frohnleiten Barren-Wort Epimedium perralderianum x pinnatum subsp. colchicum D
Berberis vulgaris / Barberry A D F
Berberis vulgaris subsp. aetnensis / Etna Barberry Cor
Berberis thunbergii / Thunberg's Barberry, Japanese Barberry D
Berberis cretica / Cretan Barberry GR Kre
Berberis julianae / Juliane's Barberry D
Mahonia aquifolium / Shining Oregon Grape, Tall Oregon Grape Berberis aquifolium D
Mahonia x decumbens / Oregon Grape Mahonia aquifolium x repens, Berberis x decumbens A
Mahonia x wagneri / Wagner's Oregon Grape Mahonia aquifolium x pinnata, Berberis x wagneri D
Mahonia bealei / Leatherleaf Oregon Grape, Beale's Oregon Grape Berberis bealei D

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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