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Caryophyllaceae / Campion Family

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Agrostemma / Corn Cockle (2 Taxa) D F
Arenaria / Sandwort (12 Taxa) A Cor D E F HR I IRL Mal Rho S
Atocion / Campion, Catchfly (2 Syn.) A D F GR I S
Bolanthus chelmicus subsp. meteoricus / Meteora Bolanthus GR
Bufonia perennis / Perennial Bufonia F
Cerastium / Mouse-Ear (34 Taxa + 7 Syn.) A CH Cor D E F GR HR I IRL Kre Les Mal NL P Rho S SLO Sam
Cherleria / Sandwort (4 Syn.) A D E F HR I
Corrigiola litoralis / Strapwort D F
Cucubalus baccifer / Berry Catchfly D F I
Dianthus / Pink (39 Taxa + 6 Syn.) A And Cor D E F GR HR I Les PL Rho S SLO TR
Drypis spinosa / Drypis HR
Gypsophila / Gypsophila, Baby's Breath (6 Taxa) A D E S
Heliosperma / Campion, Catchfly (2 Syn.) A HR
Herniaria / Rupture-Wort (4 Taxa) D E F GR
Holosteum umbellatum / Jagged Chickweed D Kre
Honckenya peploides / Sea Sandwort D IRL S
Illecebrum verticillatum / Coral Necklace Cor D F
Lychnis / Campion, Catchfly (6 Syn.) A D F I
Melandrium / Campion, Catchfly (3 Syn.) A D HR I
Minuartia / Sandwort (19 Taxa + 5 Syn.) A CH Cor D E F GR HR I Mal S SLO
Moehringia / Sandwort (4 Taxa) A D E F HR I
Moenchia / Chickweed (2 Taxa) D HR Les
Myosoton aquaticum / Water Chickweed D F GR
Paronychia / Nailwort (4 Taxa) Cor D E F HR I Kre Mal
Petrocoptis / Pyrenean Pink (2 Taxa) E
Petrorhagia / Pink (6 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A Cor D F GR HR I Kre Les Sam
Polycarpaea smithii / Smith's Polycarpaea Pal
Polycarpon / Allseed (2 Taxa) D F GR I Les Mal Rho
Rhodalsine geniculata −−> Minuartia geniculata Mal
Sagina / Pearlwort (7 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A Cor D F I IRL NL P S
Saponaria / Soapwort (5 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A D F GR HR I PL S
Scleranthus / Knawel, Knotweed (3 Taxa) Cor D F I S
Silene / Campion, Catchfly (57 Taxa + 8 Syn.)
Silene acaulis / Moss Campion A F I
Silene alpestris −−> Silene quadrifida A HR
Silene armeria / Sweet-William Campion A D F I
Silene baccifera −−> Cucubalus baccifer D F I
Silene behen / Hairless Catchfly Chi Kre Les Sam
Silene cambessedesii / Cambessedes' Campion Mal
Silene chalcedonica / Maltese Cross, Scarlet Lychnis D
Silene ciliata / Ciliate Campion E F
Silene colorata / Mediterranean Catchfly Chi GR Kre Les Sam
Silene conica / Sand Campion D F GR
Silene coronaria / Rose Campion D F
Silene cretica / Cretan Campion GR Les Rho Sam
Silene cucubalus −−> Silene vulgaris subsp. vulgaris A D IRL SLO
Silene dichotoma / Forked Catchfly D Les Sam
Silene dioica / Red Campion A D HR
Silene dioica x latifolia subsp. alba −−> Silene x hampeana D
Silene discolor / Two-Colored Campion Rho
Silene exscapa / Moss Campion A F I
Silene fabaria / Bean Campion Les Sam
Silene fabarioides / Bean-Like Campion GR
Silene flos-cuculi / Ragged Robin D
Silene flos-jovis / Flower of Jove F
Silene gallica / Windmill Pink, Small-flowered Catchfly Cor F HR I Kre Sam
Silene gigantea / Gigantic Catchfly Chi Sam
Silene graeca / Greek Campion GR
Silene hayekiana / Hayek Catchfly HR I SLO
Silene hifacensis / Ibiza Catchfly Mal
Silene integripetala / Entire-Petal Campion GR
Silene italica / Italian Campion F GR HR I
Silene laeta / Campion Cor
Silene latifolia subsp. alba / White Campion D HR I
Silene linicola / Flaxfield Catchfly D
Silene nemoralis / Italian Campion F
Silene nicaeensis / Sticky Catchfly Cor
Silene niceensis −−> Silene nicaeensis Cor
Silene noctiflora / Night-Flowering Catchfly A D
Silene nocturna / Mediterranean Catchfly I
Silene nutans / Nottingham Catchfly A D F HR I
Silene otites / Spanish Catchfly D
Silene pendula / Nodding Catchfly, Nodding Campion ? Tun
Silene pseudatocion / North African Catchfly Mal
Silene pusilla / Alpine Catchfly A HR
Silene quadrifida / Alpine Catchfly A HR
Silene roemeri / Roemer's Catchfly I
Silene rupestris / Rock Campion A D F GR I S
Silene salamandra / Rhodian Catchfly Rho
Silene saxifraga / Tufted Catchfly D F HR
Silene sclerocarpa / Hardfruit Catchfly Mal
Silene secundiflora / Secund Catchfly Mal
Silene sedoides / Hairy Catchfly GR Kre Rho
Silene sericea / Silky Campion Cor
Silene suecica / Alpine Catchfly F
Silene ungeri / Unger's Campion GR
Silene uniflora / Sea Campion E GB IRL S
Silene uniflora subsp. glareosa −−> Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa A
Silene uniflora subsp. prostrata −−> Silene vulgaris subsp. prostrata E F
Silene viscaria / Sticky Catchfly A D F I
Silene viscosa / Sticky Catchfly A
Silene vulgaris subsp. commutata / Southern Bladder Campion GR
Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa / Alpine Bladder Campion A
Silene vulgaris subsp. maritima −−> Silene uniflora E GB IRL S
Silene vulgaris subsp. prostrata / Prostrate Bladder Campion E F
Silene vulgaris subsp. vulgaris / Bladder Campion A D IRL SLO
Silene vulgaris var. humilis / Calaminarian Bladder Campion D
Silene x hampeana / Hybrid Campion D
Spergula / Spurrey (3 Taxa) D S
Spergularia / Spurrey (4 Taxa + 2 Syn.) Cor D F IRL NL S
Stellaria / Stitchwort, Chickweed (11 Taxa + 5 Syn.) A D F GR HR I Les Rho S SLO
Vaccaria hispanica / Cowherb D F
Velezia quadridentata / Fourteeth Velezia GR
Viscaria vulgaris −−> Silene viscaria A D F I

This Family acc. to Relationship
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