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Photos of European Plants according to the APG System:
Amaryllidaceae / Amaryllis Family

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Subfam. Allioideae
Allium / Garlic,Leek (44 Taxa)
Subfam. Gilliesioideae
Tristagma / Star Flower (2 Taxa)
Subfam. Amaryllidoideae
Acis / Snowflake (4 Taxa)
Leucojum / Snowflake (2 Taxa)
Galanthus / Snowdrop (4 Taxa)
Pancratium / Sea Daffodil,Sea Lily (2 Taxa)
Sternbergia / Autumn Crocus,Sternbergia (2 Taxa)
Narcissus / Narcissus,Daffodil (12 Taxa)
Narcissus tazetta / Bunch-flowered Narcissus F HR Kre Rho Siz Zyp
Narcissus papyraceus / Paperwhite Narcissus GR
Narcissus dubius / Doubtful Narcissus F
Narcissus poeticus / Poet's Narcissus D F I
Narcissus radiiflorus / Narrow-Leaved Narcissus Narcissus poeticus subsp. radiiflorus A F
Narcissus assoanus / Rush-Leaved Narcissus Narcissus requienii F
Narcissus triandrus / Triandrus Daffodil E P
Narcissus bulbocodium / Hoop Petticoat Daffodil E P
Narcissus pseudonarcissus / Wild Daffodil D F I
Narcissus bicolor / Trumpet Narcissus F
Narcissus x cyclazetta / Daffodil tete-a-tete Narcissus cyclamineus x tazetta D
Narcissus x incomparabilis / Non-Such Daffodil Narcissus poeticus x pseudonarcissus A D

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically



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