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Fam. tradit.: Valerianaceae / Valerian Fam.       APG: Caprifoliaceae / Honeysuckle Fam.

Genus:  Fedia  GAERTN.

   L.:  Carl von Linné (Linnaeus, 1707 - 1777), Swedish naturalist who introduced the binary naming system for plants and animals
   GAERTN.:  Joseph Gaertner (1732 - 1791), German physician and botanist

   Fedia:   modification of Phu, a Greek name of a Valerian
   cornucopiae:   cornucopia

Fedia cornucopiae / Horn of Plenty, Tunisia Kelibia 16.3.1997
Fig. 1:  Fedia cornucopiae / Horn of Plenty
Tunisia, Kelibia 16.3.1997
Fedia cornucopiae / Horn of Plenty, Sicily Messina 29.3.1998
Fig. 2:  Fedia cornucopiae / Horn of Plenty
Sicily, Messina 29.3.1998

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