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Fam.: Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.      

Synon.:  Dianthus glutinosus  BOISS. & HELDR.,  Dianthus pubescens  SM.

Genus:  Dianthus  L.

   SM.:  James Edward Smith (1759 - 1828), English physician and botanist
   BOISS.:  Pierre Edmond Boissier (1810 - 1885), Swiss botanist
   HELDR.:  Theodor Heinrich von Heldreich (1822 - 1902), German botanist in Greece
   L.:  Carl von Linné (Linnaeus, 1707 - 1777), Swedish naturalist who introduced the binary naming system for plants and animals

   Dianthus:   dios = Zeus, anthos = blossom
   diffusus:   extended
   glutinosus:   gluey
   pubescens:   to become fluffy

According to Strid, Mountain Flora of Greece (Vol. 1, Cambridge 1986), Dianthus glutinosus (described from the Western Turkish coast), seems to be identical to D. diffusus (earlier described from Attica) and its synonymous name D. pubescens (described from near Athens). This pink is wide spread in Peloponnisos, Sterea Ellas, and the Aegaean islands. Dianthus viscidus (described from Taygetos) is only slightly different, it has more blossoms and different length relations at the calyx. Identical with the latter are D. olympicus (described from Olymbos and Rumelia), D. grisebachii (described from Macedonia), D. parnassicus (from Parnassos), and D. tenuiflorus (from Kavalla and Ueskueb, Skopje). Strid mentions D. tymphresteus as a rather similar species, too. The two latter pinks are growing in higher altitude than D. diffusus.


Dianthus diffusus / Pink, Lesbos Mantamados 15.5.1995
Fig. 1:  Dianthus diffusus / Pink
Lesbos, Mantamados 15.5.1995
Dianthus diffusus / Pink, GR Hymettos 20.5.2008
Fig. 2:  Dianthus diffusus / Pink
GR Hymettos 20.5.2008

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