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APG-Fam.: Amaryllidaceae / Amaryllis Fam.       Fam. tradit.: Liliaceae / Lily Fam.  

Genus:  Allium  L.

   L.:  Carl von Linné (Linnaeus, 1707 - 1777), Swedish naturalist who introduced the binary naming system for plants and animals

   Allium:   Roman name of Garlic
   triquetrum:   three-cornered (lateral cut of stem)

Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic, Sicily Ficuzza 30.3.1998
Fig. 1:  Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic
Sicily, Ficuzza 30.3.1998
Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic, Sicily Isnello 6.4.1998
Fig. 2:  Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic
Sicily, Isnello 6.4.1998
Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic, F Maures, Grimaud 11.5.1984
Fig. 3:  Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic
F Maures, Grimaud 11.5.1984
Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic, Majorca Banyalbufar 23.4.2011
Fig. 4:  Allium triquetrum / Three-cornered Garlic
Majorca, Banyalbufar 23.4.2011


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