Field herbs near Waghäusel (between Mannheim and Karlsruhe)
Waghäusel is located in Southern Germany between Mannheim and Karlsruhe in the Upper Rhine Valley, which is blessed with warm climate. This page presents the plants, which I found on a fallow field near Waghäusel on 9 September 2006. The field had obviously been mown some weeks before, which provided enough light also for successful growing of small plants. Most of the determined plants were in bloom or seed stems; only few plants I could determine only according to leaves. In the beginning the frequent plants are shown:
Tripleurospermum perforatum, Scentless Mayweed
Tripleurospermum perforatum / Scentless Mayweed
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Veronica persica, Common Field Speedwell
Veronica persica / Common Field Speedwell
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Anagallis arvensis, Scarlet Pimpernel, Poisonweed
Anagallis arvensis / Scarlet Pimpernel, Poisonweed
Primulaceae / Primrose Fam.
Conyza canadensis, Canadian Fleabane
Conyza canadensis / Canadian Fleabane
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Senecio vulgaris, Groundsel
Senecio vulgaris / Groundsel
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Centaurea cyanus, Cornflower
Centaurea cyanus / Cornflower
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Sonchus asper, Prickly Sow-Thistle
Sonchus asper / Prickly Sow-Thistle
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Crepis capillaris, Smooth Hawk's-Beard
Crepis capillaris / Smooth Hawk's-Beard
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Gnaphalium uliginosum, Marsh Cudweed
Gnaphalium uliginosum / Marsh Cudweed
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Stellaria neglecta, Greater Chick-Weed
Stellaria neglecta / Greater Chick-Weed
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Spergularia rubra, Sea Spurrey
Spergularia rubra / Sea Spurrey
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Myosotis arvensis, Field Forget me not
Myosotis arvensis / Field Forget me not
Boraginaceae / Borrage Fam.
Oxalis stricta, Upright Oxalis
Oxalis stricta / Upright Oxalis
Oxalidaceae / Wood-Sorrel Fam.
Viola arvensis, Field Pansy
Viola arvensis / Field Pansy
Violaceae / Violet Fam.
Veronica arvensis, Wall Speedwell
Veronica arvensis / Wall Speedwell
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Epilobium tetragonum <b>?</b>, Square-Stalked Willowherb
Epilobium tetragonum ? / Square-Stalked Willowherb
Onagraceae / Willowherb Fam.
  Persicaria mitis, Water-Pepper
Persicaria mitis / Water-Pepper
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Fam.
  Rumex crispus, Curled Dock
Rumex crispus / Curled Dock
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Fam.
Plantago major, Greater Plantain
Plantago major / Greater Plantain
Plantaginaceae / Plantain Fam.
  Polygonum aviculare, Common Knotgrass, English Knotgrass
Polygonum aviculare / Common Knotgrass, English Knotgrass
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Fam.
  Chenopodium album, Fat Hen
Chenopodium album / Fat Hen
Chenopodiaceae / Goosefoot Fam.
Solanum nigrum, Black Nightshade
Solanum nigrum / Black Nightshade
Solanaceae / Nightshade Fam.
  Persicaria maculosa, Redshank
Persicaria maculosa / Redshank
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Fam.
  Echinochloa crus-galli, Cockspur
Echinochloa crus-galli / Cockspur
Poaceae / Grass Fam.
The following plants were rare: I found only few single specimens or small populations:
Vicia sativa var. sativa, Common Vetch
Vicia sativa var. sativa / Common Vetch
Fabaceae / Legumes
Vicia hirsuta, Hairy Tare
Vicia hirsuta / Hairy Tare
Fabaceae / Legumes
Trifolium arvense, Hare's-Foot Clover
Trifolium arvense / Hare's-Foot Clover
Fabaceae / Legumes
Trifolium repens, White Clover
Trifolium repens / White Clover
Fabaceae / Legumes
Lamium amplexicaule, Henbit Dead-Nettle
Lamium amplexicaule / Henbit Dead-Nettle
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Lamium purpureum, Red Dead-Nettle
Lamium purpureum / Red Dead-Nettle
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Draba verna agg., Common Whitlowgrass
Draba verna agg. / Common Whitlowgrass
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Capsella bursa-pastoris, Shepherd's Purse
Capsella bursa-pastoris / Shepherd's Purse
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Berteroa incana, Hoary Alyssum
Berteroa incana / Hoary Alyssum
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Brassica napus, Oilseed Rape, Rapeseed
Brassica napus / Oilseed Rape, Rapeseed
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Oenothera biennis, Common Evening Primrose
Oenothera biennis / Common Evening Primrose
Onagraceae / Willowherb Fam.
Anchusa arvensis, Bugloss
Anchusa arvensis / Bugloss
Boraginaceae / Borrage Fam.
Senecio jacobaea, Common Ragwort
Senecio jacobaea / Common Ragwort
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Senecio inaequidens, Narrow-Leaved Ragwort
Senecio inaequidens / Narrow-Leaved Ragwort
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Senecio vernalis, Eastern Groundsel
Senecio vernalis / Eastern Groundsel
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Hypochaeris radicata, Common Cat's-Ear
Hypochaeris radicata / Common Cat's-Ear
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Lactuca serriola, Prickly Lettuce
Lactuca serriola / Prickly Lettuce
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Taraxacum sect. ruderalia, Dandelion
Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia / Dandelion
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Galinsoga parviflora, Gallant Soldier
Galinsoga parviflora / Gallant Soldier
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Solidago canadensis, Canadian Goldenrod
Solidago canadensis / Canadian Goldenrod
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Erigeron annuus, Tall Fleabane
Erigeron annuus / Tall Fleabane
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Carduus crispus, Welted Thistle
Carduus crispus / Welted Thistle
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Cirsium arvense, Creeping Thistle
Cirsium arvense / Creeping Thistle
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Cirsium vulgare, Spear Thistle
Cirsium vulgare / Spear Thistle
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Arctium lappa, Greater Burdock
Arctium lappa / Greater Burdock
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Achillea millefolium agg., Yarrow
Achillea millefolium agg. / Yarrow
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Tussilago farfara, Colt's-Foot
Tussilago farfara / Colt's-Foot
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Cerastium holosteoides, Common Mouse-Ear
Cerastium holosteoides / Common Mouse-Ear
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Spergula arvensis, Corn Spurrey
Spergula arvensis / Corn Spurrey
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Silene dioica, Red Campion
Silene dioica / Red Campion
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Papaver dubium subsp. confine, Long-Headed Poppy
Papaver dubium subsp. confine / Long-Headed Poppy
Papaveraceae / Poppy Fam.
Linaria vulgaris, Common Toadflax
Linaria vulgaris / Common Toadflax
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Erodium cicutarium, Common Crane's-Bill, Philary
Erodium cicutarium / Common Crane's-Bill, Philary
Geraniaceae / Crane's-Bill Fam.
Geranium pusillum, Small-Flowered Crane's-Bill
Geranium pusillum / Small-Flowered Crane's-Bill
Geraniaceae / Crane's-Bill Fam.
Convolvulus arvensis, Field Bindweed
Convolvulus arvensis / Field Bindweed
Convolvulaceae / Bindweed Fam.
Galium aparine, Cleavers, Sticky Willy
Galium aparine / Cleavers, Sticky Willy
Rubiaceae / Bedstraw Fam.
Plantago lanceolata, Ribwort Plantain
Plantago lanceolata / Ribwort Plantain
Plantaginaceae / Plantain Fam.
Hypericum perforatum, Perforate St. John's-Wort
Hypericum perforatum / Perforate St. John's-Wort
Hypericaceae / St.John's Wort Fam.
Mercurialis annua, Annual Mercury
Mercurialis annua / Annual Mercury
Euphorbiaceae / Spurge Fam.
Rumex acetosella, Sheep's Sorrel
Rumex acetosella / Sheep's Sorrel
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Fam.
Fallopia convolvulus, Black Bindweed
Fallopia convolvulus / Black Bindweed
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Fam.
Chenopodium polyspermum, Many-Seeded Goosefoot
Chenopodium polyspermum / Many-Seeded Goosefoot
Chenopodiaceae / Goosefoot Fam.
Allium cepa, Onion
Allium cepa / Onion
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Lolium multiflorum, Italian Rye-Grass
Lolium multiflorum / Italian Rye-Grass
Poaceae / Grass Fam.
Phytolacca americana <b>?</b>, Pokeberry
Phytolacca americana ? / Pokeberry
Phytolaccaceae / Pokeweed Fam.

Some few of the shown pictures have not been photographed at the mentioned site, but the species have been available.  

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