Hybrid clans between Whitebeam and Rowan
Whitebeam Sorbus aria and Rowan Sorbus aucuparia are able to generate hybrids if they occur together. In several regions such hybrids have developed to stabilized and hereditary-stable hybrid clans, with different appearance in different regions although they have the same parents. In their region they form smaller or bigger populations, which botanists today are treating as closely related species.
In Germany a cumulation of such hybrid clans can be observed in parts of Franconia together with adjacent regions of Bavaria around Regensburg, of Baden-Württemberg in the Tauber region, and of Thuringe. But also in in other countries e.g. France, the British Islands, Scandinavia and Eastern European Countries there are hybrid clans.
Attributes as the different forms of the parents' leaves, the pubescense of the bottom side of Whitebeam's leaves which Rowan doesn't have, the size and color of the fruits, the figure of the tree, and more attributes of the parents are intermediate in any way at the hybrid clans, but more or less different at each of them. The hybrid clans of which I have already taken photos are presented by showing the different forms of their leaves.
Sorbus aria, Whitebeam
Sorbus aria / Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
Sorbus collina, Pannonian Whitebeam
Sorbus collina / Pannonian Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
Sorbus aucuparia, Rowan
Sorbus aucuparia / Rowan
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
Sorbus x pinnatifida, Hybrid Whitebeam
Sorbus x pinnatifida / Hybrid Whitebeam
= Sorbus aria x aucuparia
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Spontaneous hybrid, found in the Karlsruhe port in 2009, has been removed in between
Sorbus intermedia, Swedish Whitebeam
Sorbus intermedia / Swedish Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Scandinavia; elsewhere grown in parks
Sorbus mougeotii, Edible Mountain-Ash
Sorbus mougeotii / Edible Mountain-Ash
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Alsace and Southwest Germany; elsewhere grown along roads
Sorbus schwarziana, Schwarz' Whitebeam
Sorbus schwarziana / Schwarz' Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Frechetsfeld
Sorbus gauckleri, Gauckler's Whitebeam
Sorbus gauckleri / Gauckler's Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Happurg
Sorbus hohenesteri, Hohenester's Whitebeam
Sorbus hohenesteri / Hohenester's Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Leutenbach
Not only in the region of Hersbruck, but also further north in Franconia near Weismain, and even in Rheinhessen (Rheinland-Pfalz) north of Alzey there are rather similar regional populations which have come into being hybridogenously from Whitebeam and Rowan.
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca, Hersbruck Whitebeam
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca / Hersbruck Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Arzlohe
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca, Hersbruck Whitebeam
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca / Hersbruck Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Weismain
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca, Hersbruck Whitebeam
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca / Hersbruck Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Rheinhessen, Bornheim near Alzey
Sorbus pulchra, Goessweinstein Whitebeam
Sorbus pulchra / Goessweinstein Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Gößweinstein
Sorbus harziana, Harz' Whitebeam
Sorbus harziana / Harz' Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Franconia, Weismain
Sorbus austriaca, Austrian Whitebeam
Sorbus austriaca / Austrian Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Botanical Garden of Regensburg / Germany
Sorbus anglica, English Whitebeam
Sorbus anglica / English Whitebeam
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
  Ireland, Killarney
Naturally this list isn't complete. It will be continued on occasion.
Hybrid clans between Whitebeam Sorbus aria resp. Pannonian Whitebeam Sorbus collina and Wild Service Tree Sorbus torminalis you can find here.  

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