Beech Wood 'Lusshardt' near Hambrücken in Spring

The beech wood 'Lusshardt' is situated in the region north of Karlsruhe between Hambrücken and Ubstadt-Weiher on both sides of the motorway A5. specially near a brook, the 'Dutlacher Graben' it is rich of wild flowers in spring, some of these are shown below. The number of Yellow Anemone is remarkable, I have never seen so many at another site.
Fagus sylvatica, Beech
Fagus sylvatica / Beech
Fagaceae / Beech Fam.
Primula elatior, Ox-lip
Primula elatior / Ox-lip
Primulaceae / Primrose Fam.
Viola reichenbachiana, Early Dog Violet
Viola reichenbachiana / Early Dog Violet
Violaceae / Violet Fam.
Corydalis cava, Hollow-Root
Corydalis cava / Hollow-Root
Fumariaceae / Fumitory Fam.
Corydalis cava x solida, Hybrid Hollow-Root
Corydalis cava x solida / Hybrid Hollow-Root
= Corydalis x campylochila
Fumariaceae / Fumitory Fam.
Corydalis solida, Bird in a Bush
Corydalis solida / Bird in a Bush
Fumariaceae / Fumitory Fam.
Anemone nemorosa, Wood Anemone
Anemone nemorosa / Wood Anemone
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Fam.
Anemone nemorosa x ranunculoides, Hybrid Anemone
Anemone nemorosa x ranunculoides / Hybrid Anemone
= Anemone x lipsiensis
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Fam.
Anemone ranunculoides, Yellow Anemone
Anemone ranunculoides / Yellow Anemone
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Fam.
Ranunculus ficaria, Lesser Celandine
Ranunculus ficaria / Lesser Celandine
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Fam.
Ranunculus gratiosus, Pleasing Goldilocks
Ranunculus gratiosus / Pleasing Goldilocks
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Fam.
Ranunculus chrysoleptos, Fine-Leaved Goldilocks
Ranunculus chrysoleptos / Fine-Leaved Goldilocks
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Fam.
Paris quadrifolia, Herb Paris
Paris quadrifolia / Herb Paris
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Gagea lutea, Star of Bethlehem
Gagea lutea / Star of Bethlehem
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Potentilla sterilis, Barren Strawberry
Potentilla sterilis / Barren Strawberry
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
Cardamine pratensis agg., Cuckooflower
Cardamine pratensis agg. / Cuckooflower
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Cardamine bulbifera, Coral-Root Bitter-Cress
Cardamine bulbifera / Coral-Root Bitter-Cress
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Cardamine flexuosa, Wavy Bitter-Cress
Cardamine flexuosa / Wavy Bitter-Cress
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Myosotis sylvatica, Wood Forget-me-not
Myosotis sylvatica / Wood Forget-me-not
Boraginaceae / Borrage Fam.
Lamium maculatum, Spotted Dead-Nettle
Lamium maculatum / Spotted Dead-Nettle
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Stellaria neglecta, Greater Chickweed
Stellaria neglecta / Greater Chickweed
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Glechoma hederacea, Ground-Ivy
Glechoma hederacea / Ground-Ivy
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Veronica hederifolia subsp. hederifolia, Ivy-Leaved Speedwell
Veronica hederifolia subsp. hederifolia / Ivy-Leaved Speedwell
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Vicia sepium, Bush Vetch
Vicia sepium / Bush Vetch
Fabaceae / Legumes
Geranium robertianum, Herb Robert
Geranium robertianum / Herb Robert
Geraniaceae / Crane's-Bill Fam.
Mercurialis annua, Annual Mercury
Mercurialis annua / Annual Mercury
Euphorbiaceae / Spurge Fam.
Mercurialis perennis, Dog's Mercury
Mercurialis perennis / Dog's Mercury
Euphorbiaceae / Spurge Fam.
Allium ursinum, Ramsons
Allium ursinum / Ramsons
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Polygonatum multiflorum, Solomon's Seal
Polygonatum multiflorum / Solomon's Seal
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Convallaria majalis, Lily of the Valley
Convallaria majalis / Lily of the Valley
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Galium odoratum, Woodruff
Galium odoratum / Woodruff
Rubiaceae / Bedstraw Fam.
Veronica chamaedrys, Germander Speedwell
Veronica chamaedrys / Germander Speedwell
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Lamium montanum, Mountain Yellow Archangel
Lamium montanum / Mountain Yellow Archangel
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Stellaria holostea, Greater Stitchwort
Stellaria holostea / Greater Stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Prunus padus subsp. padus, Bird Cherry
Prunus padus subsp. padus / Bird Cherry
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.



The rarest plant of the region may be the Belgian Star of Bethlehem Gagea spathacea, which is very rarely found in flowering state. Usually it reproduces by growing of new bulbs.
Gagea spathacea, Belgian Star of Bethlehem
Gagea spathacea / Belgian Star of Bethlehem
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.
Gagea spathacea, Belgian Star of Bethlehem
Gagea spathacea / Belgian Star of Bethlehem
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.

Naturally this list isn't complete. It will be continued on occasion.  

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