Plants of the Inland Dunes south of Mannheim in Spring
The inland dune areas 'Unterer Dossenwald' and 'Hirschacker' are situated between Mannheim-Rheinau, Mannheim-Friedrichsfeld and Schwetzingen. Moreover the area of the Rheinau Lake, which is completely surrounded by buildings, is a valuable inland dune biotope. The inland dunes are wind-borne sand fields which came into being, when at the end of the ice age strong winds blew sand out of the gravel, which the then still meandering Rhine carried from the Alpes and deposited at its edges. Since there are extreme conditions of the environment, for example dryness and high temperature of the soil, special plant communities have developed here.
Spring view of the Hirschacker inland dunes with Euphorbia cyparissias, Ajuga genevensis, and the hardly visible Myosotis stricta.
Veronica praecox, Breckland Speedwell
Veronica praecox / Breckland Speedwell
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Senecio vernalis, Eastern Groundsel
Senecio vernalis / Eastern Groundsel
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Veronica arvensis, Wall Speedwell
Veronica arvensis / Wall Speedwell
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Fam.
Ajuga genevensis, Blue Bugle
Ajuga genevensis / Blue Bugle
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Euphorbia cyparissias, Cypress Spurge
Euphorbia cyparissias / Cypress Spurge
Euphorbiaceae / Spurge Fam.
Vicia lathyroides, Spring Vetch
Vicia lathyroides / Spring Vetch
Fabaceae / Legumes
Cerastium semidecandrum, Little Mouse-Ear
Cerastium semidecandrum / Little Mouse-Ear
Caryophyllaceae / Campion Fam.
Lamium purpureum, Red Dead-Nettle
Lamium purpureum / Red Dead-Nettle
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Draba verna agg., Common Whitlowgrass
Draba verna agg. / Common Whitlowgrass
Brassicaceae / Crucifers
Saxifraga tridactylites, Rue-Leaved Saxifrage
Saxifraga tridactylites / Rue-Leaved Saxifrage
Saxifragaceae / Saxifrage Fam.
Cynoglossum officinale, Hound's-Tongue
Cynoglossum officinale / Hound's-Tongue
Boraginaceae / Borrage Fam.
Myosotis stricta, Strict Forget-me-not, Small-Flowered Forget-me-not
Myosotis stricta / Strict Forget-me-not, Small-Flowered Forget-me-not
Boraginaceae / Borrage Fam.
Viola rupestris, Teesdale Violet
Viola rupestris / Teesdale Violet
Violaceae / Violet Fam.
Anchusa arvensis, Bugloss
Anchusa arvensis / Bugloss
Boraginaceae / Borrage Fam.
Potentilla neumanniana, Spring Cinquefoil
Potentilla neumanniana / Spring Cinquefoil
Rosaceae / Rose Fam.
Anthemis austriaca, Austrian Chamomile
Anthemis austriaca / Austrian Chamomile
Asteraceae / Composite Fam.
Stipa joannis, Grey-Sheathed Feather-Grass
Stipa joannis / Grey-Sheathed Feather-Grass
Poaceae / Grass Fam.
Stipa capillata, Feather-Grass, Needle Grass
Stipa capillata / Feather-Grass, Needle Grass
Poaceae / Grass Fam.
Asparagus officinalis, Garden Asparagus, Wild Asparagus
Asparagus officinalis / Garden Asparagus, Wild Asparagus
Liliaceae / Lily Fam.


In light wood, which consists partly from pines, partly from broadleaf trees as oaks or birches the following plants can be found among others:
Ajuga reptans, Bugle
Ajuga reptans / Bugle
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Ajuga x hybrida, Hybrid Bugle
Ajuga x hybrida / Hybrid Bugle
= Ajuga genevensis x reptans
Lamiaceae / Mint Fam.
Luzula multiflora, Heath Wood-Rush
Luzula multiflora / Heath Wood-Rush
Juncaceae / Rush Fam.

Naturally this list isn't complete. It will be continued on occasion.
There is also a page on summer flowering plants in the same area.
The pages on Nature Reserves near Sandhausen and the Viernheimer Heide deal with the flora of inland dunes, too.  

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