Photos of European Plants according to the Botanical System
In this section the plants are sorted according to their relationship.
The assignment of the plants to higher classifications of the Botanical system as e.g. divisions and classes has often changed in the past, and is in flow still today. Here for the Vascular Plants the same Botanical System as in the 'Flora Alpina' from AESCHIMANN et al. (Berne 2004) is used:
- the sequence of the genera within the families and that of the species within the genera orientates at the 'Flora Europaea' of TUTIN et al. 1964 - 1993,
- the sequence of the families of the Angiospermae at the system of CRONQUIST, published in 1981 in 'An Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants',
- the sequence of the families of the Pteridophyta and Gymnospermae at the 'Syllabus' of ENGLER in MELCHIOR & WASSERMANN 1954 + 1964.
In front of the Vascular Plants the Fungi (e.g. mushrooms), these are not counted to the kingdom of plants, of these currently only lichens are available. In front af the Vascular Plants also the mosses (Bryophyta) are arranged, these are lower plants. Behind the Vascular Plants several kinds of algae are arranged, of which several are looking similar to plants, but some groups of algae aren't counted to the kingdom of plants, too. As the ferns, the mosses, lichens, and algae are currently not sorted in families, but in higher groupings as orders or subdivisions.
The families or higher groupings are linked to pages which contain the corresponding genera and species. Only families and genera are mentioned, of which photos of at least one species are available.
Beneath the classification mentioned above there are also newer ones today, which partly aren't completely developed yet. On the photo pages of several plants which have been re-assigned to other families in between, additionally also the new assignments from APG (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group) are mentioned, which has not yet been implemented completely.
The following tables of the plant families are sorted alphabetically, but the links are leading to lists of genus and species of the corresponding family which are sorted according to the Botanical System, i.e. according to relationship.

Schneller Zugriff auf große Familien  /  Quick access to big families:
Apiaceae           Caryophyllaceae           Lamiaceae           Ranunculaceae          
Asteraceae           Chenopodiaceae           Liliaceae           Rosaceae          
Boraginaceae           Cyperaceae           Poaceae           Scrophulariaceae          
Brassicaceae           Fabaceae           Primulaceae           Solanaceae          

Die folgende Tabelle aller Familien kann durch Klicken auf die Kopfzeile nach allen drei Spalten aufwärts oder abwärts sortiert werden.
The following table of all families can be sorted up or down according to all three columns by click into the head row.

Wissenschaftlich / ScientificDeutschEnglish
Acanthaceae   Akanthusgewächse   Acanthus Family
Aceraceae   Ahorngewächse   Maple Family
Actinidiaceae   Strahlengriffelgewächse   Kiwi Family
Adoxaceae   Moschuskrautgewächse   Moschatel Family
Aizoazeae   Mittagsblumengewächse   Ice Plant Family
Alismataceae   Froschlöffelgewächse   Water Plantain Family
Amaranthaceae   Amaranthgewächse   Amaranth Family
Amaranthaceae   Fuchsschwanzgewächse   Amaranth Family
Amaryllidaceae   Narzissengewächse   Amaryllis Family
Anacardiaceae   Sumachgewächse   Sumach Family
Anthocerotales   Hornmoose   Hornwort Mosses
Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)   Doldenblütler   Umbellifers
Apocynaceae   Hundsgiftgewächse   Periwinkle Family
Apocynaceae   Immergrüngewächse   Periwinkle Family
Aquifoliaceae   Stechpalmengewächse   Holly Family
Araceae   Aronstabgewächse   Arum Family
Araliaceae   Efeugewächse   Ivy Family
Arecaceae   Palmen   Palm Family
Aristolochiaceae   Osterluzeigewächse   Birthwort Family
Asclepiadaceae   Schwalbenwurzgewächse   Milkweed Family
Asteraceae (Compositae)   Korbblütler   Composite Family
Azollaceae   Algenfarngewächse   Water Fern Family
Balanophoraceae (Cynomoriaceae)   Hundskolbengewächse   Cynomorium Family
Balsaminaceae   Springkrautgewächse   Balsam Family
Berberidaceae   Sauerdorngewächse   Barberry Family
Betulaceae   Birkengewächse   Birch Family
Bignoniaceae   Trompetenbaumgewächse   Catalpa Family
Boraginaceae   Borretschgewächse   Borrage Family
Boraginaceae   Raublattgewächse   Borrage Family
Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)   Kreuzblütler   Crucifers
Bryophytina (Musci)   Laubmoose   Mosses
Buddlejaceae   Fliederspeergewächse   Butterfly Bush Family
Butomaceae   Schwanenblumengewächse   Flowering Rush Family
Buxaceae   Buchsgewächse   Box Family
Cabombaceae   Haarnixengewächse   Fanwort Family
Cactaceae   Kakteen   Cactus Family
Callitrichaceae   Wassersterngewächse   Water Starwort Family
Campanulaceae   Glockenblumengewächse   Bellflower Family
Cannabaceae   Hanfgewächse   Hop Family
Capparaceae   Kaperngewächse   Caper Family
Caprifoliaceae   Geißblattgewächse   Honeysuckle Family
Caricaceae   Melonenbaumgewächse   Papaya Family
Caryophyllaceae   Nelkengewächse   Campion Family
Celastraceae   Spindelstrauchgewächse   Spindle Family
Ceratophyllaceae   Hornblattgewächse   Hornwort Family
Characeae   Armleuchter-Algen   Stoneworts
Chenopodiaceae   Gänsefußgewächse   Goosefoot Family
Cistaceae   Zistrosengewächse   Rockrose Family
Cneoraceae   Zwergölbaumgewächse   Spurge Olive Family
Commelinaceae   Kommelinengewächse   Spiderwort Family
Compositae (Asteraceae)   Korbblütengewächse   Composite Family
Convolvulaceae   Windengewächse   Bindweed Family
Coriariaceae   Gerberstrauchgewächse   Coriaria Family
Cornaceae   Hartriegelgewächse   Dogwood Family
Crassulaceae   Dickblattgewächse   Stonecrop Family
Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)   Kreuzblütengewächse   Mustard Family
Cucurbitaceae   Gurkengewächse   Cucumber Family
Cucurbitaceae   Gurkengewächse   White-Bryony Family
Cupressaceae   Zypressengewächse   Cypresse Family
Cynomoriaceae (Balanophoraceae)   Hundskolbengewächse   Cynomorium Family
Cyperaceae   Sauergräser   Sedge Family
Dioscoreaceae   Yamswurzgewächse   Black-Bryony Family
Dipsacaceae   Kardengewächse   Teasel Family
Droseraceae   Sonnentaugewächse   Sundew Family
Ebenaceae   Ebenholzbäume   Ebony Family
Elaeagnaceae   Ölweidengewächse   Sea-Buckthorn Family
Elatinaceae   Tännelgewächse   Waterwort Family
Empetraceae   Krähenbeerengewächse   Crowberry Family
Ephedraceae   Meerträubchengewächse   Joint Pine Family
Equisetaceae   Schachtelhalmgewächse   Horsetail Family
Ericaceae   Heidekrautgewächse   Heather Family
Euphorbiaceae   Wolfsmilchgewächse   Spurge Family
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)   Schmetterlingsblütler   Legumes
Fagaceae   Buchengewächse   Beech Family
Fagaceae   Buchengewächse   Oak Family
Filicopsida (Polypodiaceae)   Echte Farne   Ferns
Frankeniaceae   Frankeniengewächse   Frankenia Family
Fucaceae   Braun-Algen   Alga
Fucaceae   Braun-Algen   Seaweeds
Fumariaceae   Erdrauchgewächse   Fumitory Family
Garriceae   Aucubagewächse   Aucuba Family
Gentianaceae   Enziangewächse   Gentian Family
Geraniaceae   Storchschnabelgewächse   Crane's-Bill Family
Gesneriaceae   Gesneriengewächse   Gesneria Family
Ginkgoaceae   Ginkgogewächse   Ginkgo Family
Globulariaceae   Kugelblumengewächse   Globularia Family
Graminaceae (Poaceae)   Süßgräser   Grass Family
Guttiferaceae (Hypericaceae)   Johanniskrautgewächse   St.John's Wort Family
Haloragaceae   Seebeerengewächse   Water Milfoil Family
Hamamelidaceae   Zaubernußgewächse   Witch Hazle Family
Hippocastanaceae   Rosskastaniengewächse   Horse Chestnut Family
Hippuridaceae   Tannenwedelgewächse   Mare's-Tail Family
Hydrangeaceae   Hortensiengewächse   Hydrangea Family
Hydrocharitaceae   Froschbissgewächse   Frogbit Family
Hydrophyllaceae   Wasserblattgewächse   Phacelia Family
Hymenophyllaceae   Hautfarngewächse   Hymenophyllum Family
Hymenophyllaceae   Schleierfarngewächse   Hymenophyllum Family
Hypericaceae (Guttiferaceae)   Johanniskrautgewächse   St.John's Wort Family
Iridaceae   Irisgewächse   Iris Family
Juglandaceae   Walnussgewächse   Walnut Family
Juncaceae   Binsengewächse   Rush Family
Juncaginaceae   Dreizackgewächse   Arrowgrass Family
Labiatae (Lamiaceae)   Lippenblütengewächse   Mint Family
Lamiaceae (Labiatae)   Lippenblütler   Mint Family
Lauraceae   Lorbeergewächse   Laurel Family
Lecanorales   Flechten   Lichens
Leguminosae (Fabaceae)   Schmetterlingsblütengewächse   Legumes
Lemnaceae   Wasserlinsengewächse   Duckweed Family
Lentibulariaceae   Fettkrautgewächse   Bladderwort Family
Lentibulariaceae   Wasserschlauchgewächse   Bladderwort Family
Liliaceae   Liliengewächse   Lily Family
Limnanthaceae   Sumpfblumengewächse   Meadowfoam Family
Linaceae   Leingewächse   Linseed Family
Loranthaceae   Mistelgewächse   Mistletoe Family
Lycopodiaceae   Bärlappgewächse   Clubmoss Family
Lythraceae   Weiderichgewächse   Purple Loosestrife Family
Magnoliaceae   Magnoliengewächse   Magnolia Family
Malvaceae   Malvengewächse   Mallow Family
Marchantiales   Lebermoose   Liverworts
Marsileaceae   Kleefarngewächse   Pepperwort Family
Marsileaceae   Kleefarngewächse   Water Clover Family
Meliaceae   Mahagonigewächse   Mahogany Family
Meliaceae   Zedrachgewächse   Mahogany Family
Menyanthaceae   Fieberkleegewächse   Bogbean Family
Moraceae   Maulbeergewächse   Mulberry Family
Musaceae   Bananengewächse   Banana Family
Musci (Bryophytina)   Laubmoose   Mosses
Myoporaceae   Ngoiobaumgewächse   Mousehole Tree Family
Myricaceae   Gagelstrauchgewächse   Bog Myrtle Family
Myrtaceae   Myrtengewächse   Myrtle Family
Nostocaceae   Blau-Algen   Blue-Green Algae
Nyctaginaceae   Wunderblumengewächse   Marvel-of-Peru Family
Nymphaeaceae   Seerosengewächse   Water Lily Family
Oleaceae   Ölbaumgewächse   Ash Family
Onagraceae   Nachtkerzengewächse   Willowherb Family
Ophioglossaceae   Natternfarngewächse   Adder's-Tongue Fern Family
Orobanchaceae   Sommerwurzgewächse   Broomrape Family
Osmundaceae   Königsfarngewächse   Royal Fern Family
Oxalidaceae   Sauerkleegewächse   Wood-Sorrel Family
Paeoniaceae   Pfingstrosengewächse   Peony Family
Papaveraceae   Mohngewächse   Poppy Family
Papilionaceae (Fabaceae)   Schmetterlingsblütler   Legumes
Passifloraceae   Passionsblumengewächse   Passion Flower Family
Phytolaccaceae   Kermesbeerengewächse   Pokeweed Family
Pinaceae   Kieferngewächse   Pine Family
Pittosporaceae   Klebsamengewächse   Pittosporum Family
Plantaginaceae   Wegerichgewächse   Plantain Family
Platanaceae   Platanengewächse   Plane Tree Family
Plumbaginaceae   Bleiwurzgewächse   Thrift Family
Poaceae (Graminaceae)   Süßgräser   Grass Family
Polemoniaceae   Himmelsleitergewächse   Phloxes
Polemoniaceae   Sperrkrautgewächse   Jacob's-Ladder Family
Polygalaceae   Kreuzblumengewächse   Milkwort Family
Polygonaceae   Knöterichgewächse   Buckwheat Family
Polygonaceae   Knöterichgewächse   Knotweed Family
Polypodiaceae (Pteridopsida)   Echte Farne   Ferns
Portulacaceae   Portulakgewächse   Purslane Family
Posidoniaceae   Neptungrasgewächse   Seagrass Family
Potamogetonaceae   Laichkrautgewächse   Pontweed Family
Primulaceae   Primelgewächse   Primrose Family
Pteridopsida (Polypodiaceae)   Echte Farne   Ferns
Punicaceae   Granatapfelgewächse   Pomegranate Family
Pyrolaceae   Wintergrüngewächse   Wintergreen Family
Rafflesiaceae   Schmarotzerblumengewächse   Cytine Family
Rafflesiaceae   Schmarotzerblumengewächse   Rafflesia Family
Ranunculaceae   Hahnenfußgewächse   Buttercup Family
Resedaceae   Resedagewächse   Mignonette Family
Rhamnaceae   Kreuzdorngewächse   Buckthorn Family
Rhodophytina   Rot-Algen   Red Algae
Ricciales   Stern-Lebermoose   Crystalworts
Rosaceae   Rosengewächse   Rose Family
Rubiaceae   Krappgewächse   Bedstraw Family
Rubiaceae   Rötegewächse   Bedstraw Family
Ruppiaceae   Saldengewächse   Ditch-Grass Family
Rutaceae   Rautengewächse   Citrus Family
Rutaceae   Rautengewächse   Rue Family
Salicaceae   Weidengewächse   Willow Family
Salviniaceae   Schwimmfarne   Floating Fern Family
Santalaceae   Sandelholzgewächse   Sandalwood Family
Sapindaceae   Seifenbaumgewächse   Golden-Rain Tree Family
Saxifragaceae   Steinbrechgewächse   Saxifrage Family
Scheuchzeriaceae   Blumenbinsengewächse   Rannoch Rush Family
Scrophulariaceae   Braunwurzgewächse   Figwort Family
Scrophulariaceae   Rachenblütler   Figwort Family
Selaginellaceae   Moosfarngewächse   Lesser Clubmoss Family
Simaroubaceae   Bittereschengewächse   Tree-of-Heaven Family
Solanaceae   Nachtschattengewächse   Nightshade Family
Sparganiaceae   Igelkolbengewächse   Bur-Reed Family
Sphagnopsida   Torfmoose   Bog Mosses
Staphyleaceae   Pimpernussgewächse   Bladdernut Family
Sterculiaceae   Stinkbaumgewächse   Sterculia Family
Styracaceae   Storaxgewächse   Styrax Family
Tamaricaceae   Tamariskengewächse   Tamarisk Family
Taxaceae   Eibengewächse   Yew Family
Teloschistales   Krusten-Flechten   Crustose Lichens
Tetragoniaceae   Neuseelandspinatgewächse   New-Zealand Spinach Family
Theligonaceae   Hundskohlgewächse   Dog's Cabbage Family
Thymelaeaceae   Seidelbastgewächse   Daphne Family
Tiliaceae   Lindengewächse   Lime Family
Trapaceae   Wassernussgewächse   Water-Caltrop Family
Tropaeolaceae   Kapuzinerkressegewächse   Nasturtium Family
Typhaceae   Rohrkolbengewächse   Bulrush Family
Ulmaceae   Ulmengewächse   Elm Family
Ulvales   Grün-Algen   Green Algae
Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)   Doldenblütengewächse   Umbellifers
Urticaceae   Brennnesselgewächse   Nettle Family
Valerianaceae   Baldriangewächse   Valerian Family
Verbenaceae   Eisenkrautgewächse   Verbena Family
Violaceae   Veilchengewächse   Violet Family
Vitaceae   Weinrebengewächse   Grape-Vine Family
Zannichelliaceae   Teichfadengewächse   Horned Pondweed Family
Zosteraceae   Seegrasgewächse   Sea Grass Family
Zygophyllaceae   Jochblattgewächse   Caltrop Family
{???}   {Unbekannte_Familie}   {Unknown_Family}


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