Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Teloschistales / Crustose Lichens

Crustose Lichens are no plants, but a symbiotic community of Fungi and Algae. The real Lichens (Lecanorales) are here maintained separately from the Crustose Lichens (Teloschistales).


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Preview pict. Species, Subspecies, or Variety  Synonym(s) Photos from
Preview image Caloplaca citrina / Mealy Firedot Lichen Flavoplaca citrina D
Caloplaca thallincola / Crustose Lichen ? S
Xanthoria elegans / Elegant Sunburst Lichen Rusavskia elegans A Kre
Xanthoria parietina / Yellow Lichen ? A Cor D GR Les
Xanthoria polycarpa / Yellow Lichen ? D
Xanthoria calcicola / Yellow Lichen ? D
Calicium spec1 / Pin Lichen, Stubble Lichen ? D

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