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Salix / Willow (55 Taxa)
Salix pentandra / Bay Willow F
Salix udensis / Japanese Fantail Willow Salix sachalinensis D
Salix fragilis / Crack Willow D S
Salix x rubens / Hybrid Crack Willow Salix alba x fragilis D
Salix alba / White Willow A D F
Salix alba var. caerulea / Cricket Bat Willow, Blue Willow D
Salix alba var. sericea / Silk-Haired White Willow D
Salix alba x babylonica / Golden Weeping Willow Salix x sepulcralis D
Salix matsudana / Chinese Willow D
Salix triandra / Almond Willow A D NL
Salix reticulata / Net-Leaved Willow A F I
Salix herbacea / Dwarf Willow, Snowbed Willow F
Salix polaris / Polar Willow F
Salix retusa / Stunted Willow A D F
Salix serpillifolia / Thyme-Leaved Willow A D I
Salix myrsinites / Whortle-Leaved Willow S
Salix breviserrata / Finely-Toothed Willow ? A F
Salix alpina / Alpine Willow A D F
Salix glauca / Greyleaf Willow S
Salix glaucosericea / Silky Willow A
Salix pyrenaica / Pyrenean Willow E F
Salix lanata / Wooly Willow F
Salix bicolor / Shining Dark-Green Willow D
Salix myrsinifolia / Dark-Leaved Willow Salix nigricans A D
Salix canariensis / Canary Island Willow Salix pedicellata subsp. canariensis Ten
Salix appendiculata / Large-Leaved Willow A D HR
Salix x macrophylla / Big-Leaved Willow Salix appendiculata x caprea HR
Salix cinerea / Grey Willow A D
Salix aurita x cinerea / Hybrid Willow Salix x multinervis D
Salix x reichardtii / Reichardt's Willow Salix caprea x cinerea D
Salix aurita / Eared Willow D F
Salix x fruticosa / Hybrid Willow Salix aurita x viminalis D
Salix aurita x caprea / Hybrid Willow Salix x capreola A D NL
Salix caprea / Goat Willow A CH D IRL
Salix cantabrica / Cantabrian Willow E
Salix starkeana / Stark's Willow D
Salix repens / Creeping Willow D F NL S
Salix repens subsp. arenaria / Creeping Willow Salix repens subsp. argentea D S
Salix rosmarinifolia / Rosemary Leaf Willow Salix repens subsp. rosmarinifolia S
Salix arbuscula / Peachleaf Willow, Mountain Willow S
Salix foetida / Grayleaf Willow F
Salix waldsteiniana / Waldstein's Willow A D I
Salix hastata / Apple-Leaved Willow A
Salix helvetica / Swiss Willow D F
Salix lapponum / Lapland Willow F
Salix caprea x viminalis / Hybrid Willow Salix x smithiana D
Salix myrsinifolia x viminalis / Hybrid Willow Salix x seminigricans D
Salix viminalis / Common Osier D F NL
Salix elaeagnos / Olive Willow A D E GR
Salix purpurea / Purple Willow A D F
Salix caesia / Blue-green Willow F
Salix daphnoides / European Violet Willow D
Salix spec1 / Willow ? D
Salix spec2 / Willow ? A
Salix eriocephala / Missouri River Willow, Yellow Willow D
Populus / Poplar (7 Taxa)

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