Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Rubiaceae / Bedstraw Family

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Putoria calabrica / Stinking Madder GR
Phuopsis stylosa / Crosswort Crucianella stylosa D
Sherardia arvensis / Field Madder Cor D E HR Rho
Crucianella / Crosswort (3 Taxa)
Asperula / Woodruff (12 Taxa)
Galium / Bedstraw (43 Taxa)
Galium rotundifolium / Round-Leaved Bedstraw A Cor D HR
Galium boreale / Northern Bedstraw A D S SLO
Galium odoratum / Woodruff CH D HR
Galium uliginosum / Fen Bedstraw D IRL
Galium palustre agg. / Common Marsh Bedstraw Cor D HR
Galium elongatum / Great Marsh Bedstraw D
Galium verum / Lady's Bedstraw D F HR S
Galium wirtgenii / Wirtgen's Bedstraw D
Galium x pomeranicum / Hybrid Bedstraw Galium album agg. x verum D
Galium arenarium / Sand Bedstraw E
Galium mollugo / Upright Hedge Bedstraw D
Galium album agg. / Hedge Bedstraw, White Bedstraw D
Galium album subsp. album / Upright Hedge Bedstraw D
Galium corrudifolium / Mediterranean Bedstraw F HR
Galium montis-arerae / Pizzo Arera Bedstraw I
Galium lucidum / Shining Bedstraw F HR I
Galium melanantherum / Bedstraw GR
Galium glaucum / Glaucous Bedstraw, Waxy Bedstraw D
Galium laevigatum / Sleek Bedstraw A HR
Galium sylvaticum / Wood Bedstraw A D HR I
Galium pyrenaicum / Pyrenean Bedstraw F
Galium estebanii or marchandii / Northern Spanish Bedstraw ? Galium pinetorum E F
Galium marchandii / Marchand's Bedstraw F
Galium pumilum / Slender Bedstraw A D F SLO
Galium oelandicum / Öland Bedstraw S
Galium sterneri / Limestone Bedstraw IRL
Galium austriacum / Austrian Bedstraw SLO
Galium anisophyllon / Alpine Bedstraw A CH D HR
Galium megalospermum / Swiss Bedstraw A F
Galium pusillum / Least Mountain Bedstraw, Dwarf Ladies' Bedstraw F
Galium saxatile / Heath Bedstraw Galium harcynicum D F
Galium noricum / Norican Bedstraw A
Galium cespitosum / Pyrenean Cushion Bedstraw E F
Galium monachinii / Bedstraw GR
Galium spurium / False Cleavers D
Galium aparine / Cleavers, Sticky Willy Chi Cor D F GR HR I Kre Les Rho
Galium tricornutum / Corn Cleavers, Roughfruit Corn Bedstraw D
Galium verrucosum / Southern Cleavers, Warty Bedstraw D F
Galium brevifolium / Short-Leaved Bedstraw Chi Sam
Galium parisiense s.str. / Wall Bedstraw D Mal
Galium parisiense var. leiocarpum / Bald Wall Bedstraw D
Galium verticillatum / Whorled Bedstraw F
Galium spec1 / Bedstraw ? HR
Cruciata / Crosswort (2 Taxa)
Valantia / Valantia (3 Taxa)
Rubia / Madder (4 Taxa)
Plocama pendula / Plocama, Balo Gom

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
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