Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Rosaceae / Rose Family

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Sorbaria sorbifolia / Ural False Spiraea D
Physocarpus opulifolius / Common Ninebark D
Spiraea / Meadowsweet (8 Taxa)
Sibiraea altaiensis subsp. croatica / Croatian Sibirea HR
Aruncus dioicus / Goat's Beard Spiraea aruncus,
Aruncus sylvester,
Aruncus vulgaris
Filipendula / Meadowsweet (2 Taxa)
Rhodotypos scandens / Jetbead D
Kerria japonica / Kerrie D
Rubus / Bramble (182 Taxa)
Rosa / Rose (35 Taxa)
Agrimonia / Agrimony (2 Taxa)
Aremonia agrimonoides / Bastard Agrimony GR
Sanguisorba / Burnet (4 Taxa)
Sarcopoterium spinosum / Thorny Burnet Poterium spinosum Chi GR Kre Les Mal Rho
Dryas octopetala / Mountain Avens A I IRL
Geum / Avens (10 Taxa)
Waldsteinia / Barren Strawberry (2 Taxa)
Potentilla / Cinquefoil (46 Taxa)
Sibbaldia procumbens / Creeping Sibbaldia D F
Fragaria / Strawberry (5 Taxa)
Duchesnea indica / Yellow-flowered Strawberry Potentilla indica D HR I
Alchemilla / Lady's Mantle (25 Taxa)
Aphanes / Parsley Piert (2 Taxa)
Cydonia oblonga / Quince D Les
Pyrus / Pear (4 Taxa)
Malus / Apple (3 Taxa)
Sorbus / Whitebeam,Ash (58 Taxa)
Sorbus domestica / Service Tree D E
Sorbus aucuparia / Rowan A D F HR I S
Sorbus aucuparia subsp. glabrata / Bald Rowan D
Sorbus torminalis / Wild Service Tree D F GR
Sorbus chamaemespilus / Dwarf Whitebeam, False Medlar A D I
Sorbus aria x chamaemespilus / Bastard Dwarf Whitebeam Sorbus x ambigua D
Sorbus aria / Whitebeam D E F I
Sorbus aria subsp. lanifera / Wool-Bearing Whitebeam HR
Sorbus graeca / Balkan Whitebeam ? D
Sorbus hibernica / Irish Whitebeam IRL
Sorbus pannonica / Pannonian Whitebeam ? A
Sorbus collina / Hill Whitebeam D
Sorbus dubronensis / Tauber Whitebeam D
Sorbus danubialis / Danube Whitebeam D
Sorbus subdanubialis / Danube Whitebeam D
Sorbus x pinnatifida / Hybrid Whitebeam Sorbus aria x aucuparia A D
Sorbus gauckleri / Gauckler's Whitebeam D
Sorbus harziana / Harz' Whitebeam D
Sorbus mougeotii / Edible Mountain-Ash D F
Sorbus austriaca / Austrian Whitebeam A D
Sorbus anglica / English Whitebeam IRL
Sorbus hohenesteri / Hohenester's Whitebeam D
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca / Hersbruck Whitebeam D
Sorbus pulchra / Goessweinstein Whitebeam D
Sorbus schwarziana / Schwarz' Whitebeam D
Sorbus intermedia / Swedish Whitebeam Sorbus suecica D S
Sorbus lonetalensis / Lonetal Whitebeam D
Sorbus latifolia s.l. / Broad-Leaved European Mountain-Ash D I
Sorbus x decipiens / Sharp-Toothed Whitebeam D
Sorbus heilingensis / Heilingen Whitebeam D
Sorbus multicrenata / Many-Scored Whitebeam D
Sorbus parumlobata / Small-Lobed Whitebeam D
Sorbus badensis / Baden Whitebeam D
Sorbus franconica / Franconian Whitebeam D
Sorbus adeana / Ade's Whitebeam D
Sorbus cochleariformis / Spoon-Leaved Whitebeam D
Sorbus cordigastensis / Kordigast Whitebeam D
Sorbus eystettensis / Eichstaett Whitebeam D
Sorbus fischeri / Ries Whitebeam D
Sorbus haesitans / Thuengersheim Whitebeam D
Sorbus moenofranconica / Main-Franconian Whitebeam D
Sorbus herbipolitana / Wuerzburg Whitebeam D
Sorbus hoppeana / Hoppe's Whitebeam D
Sorbus meierottii / Wellheim Whitebeam D
Sorbus mergenthaleriana / Mergenthaler's Whitebeam D
Sorbus seyboldiana / Seybold's Whitebeam D
Sorbus meyeri / Meyer's Whitebeam D
Sorbus koksensis / Koks Whitebeam D
Sorbus laemmerbergensis / Laemmerberg Whitebeam D
Sorbus perlonga / Long-Leaved Whitebeam D
Sorbus puellarum / Girlish Whitebeam D
Sorbus ratisbonensis / Regensburg Whitebeam D
Sorbus schnizleiniana / Schnizlein's Whitebeam D
Sorbus schuwerkiorum / Schuwerk's Whitebeam D
Sorbus acutisecta / Acute-Lobate Whitebeam D
Sorbus subcordata / Arnstadt Whitebeam D
Sorbus isenacensis / Eisenach Whitebeam D
Sorbus x vagensis / Hybrid Service Tree D
Eriobotrya japonica / Loquat I Les Mal
Amelanchier / Service Berry (3 Taxa)
Cotoneaster / Cotoneaster (9 Taxa)
Pyracantha coccinea agg. / Firethorn D
Mespilus germanica / Medlar D
Crataegus / Hawthorn (10 Taxa)
Prunus / Drupes (21 Taxa)

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
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