Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup Family

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Helleborus / Hellebore (10 Taxa)
Eranthis hyemalis / Winter Aconite D
Callianthemum coriandrifolium / Callianthemum ? A
Nigella / Black Cumin (2 Taxa)
Trollius europaeus / Globe Flower A CH D F HR I S
Actaea spicata / Baneberry A D HR
Caltha palustris / Marsh Marigold A D
Ranunculaceae spec1 / Buttercup-Family ? SLO
Aconitum / Monk's-Hood (8 Taxa)
Delphinium / Larkspur (4 Taxa)
Consolida / Larkspur (3 Taxa)
Anemone / Anemone (16 Taxa)
Hepatica nobilis / Liverleaf A D F I
Pulsatilla / Pasque-Flower (14 Taxa)
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. apiifolia / Yellow Alpine Pasque-Flower Anemone alpina var. sulphurea F I
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. alpina / Alpine Pasque-Flower Anemone alpina A F
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. austroalpina / Southern Alpine Pasque-Flower A I
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. millefoliata / Manyleaf Western Alpine Pasque-Flower Anemone millefoliata F
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. austriaca / Austrian Alpine Pasque-Flower Pulsatilla alba A
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. cyrnea / Corsican Alpine Pasque-Flower Cor
Pulsatilla vernalis / Spring Pasque-Flower Anemone vernalis A F I
Pulsatilla montana / Mountain Pasque-Flower I
Pulsatilla rubra / Red Pasque-Flower F
Pulsatilla vulgaris / Common Pasque-Flower Anemone pulsatilla D F
Pulsatilla grandis / Greater Pasque-Flower D
Pulsatilla vulgaris var. oenipontana / Common Pasque-Flower D
Pulsatilla halleri / Haller's Pasque-Flower GR
Pulsatilla patens / Eastern Pasque-Flower D
Clematis / Clematis (8 Taxa)
Adonis / Pheasant's Eye (6 Taxa)
Ranunculus / Buttercup (180 Taxa)
Ceratocephala orthoceras / Bur Buttercup Ceratocephala testiculata D
Myosurus minimus / Tiny Mousetail D
Aquilegia / Columbine (8 Taxa)
Thalictrum / Meadow-Rue (8 Taxa)

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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