Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Family (Buckwheat Family)

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Polygonum / Knotgrass (5 Taxa)
Persicaria / Water-Pepper (12 Taxa)
Bistorta / Bistort (2 Taxa)
Aconogonon / Knotweed (2 Taxa)
Fallopia / Bindweed (6 Taxa)
Fagopyrum / Buckwheat (2 Taxa)
Oxyria digyna / Alpine Mountain Sorrel A S
Rheum rhabarbarum / Rhubarb D S
Rumex / Dock,Sorrel (31 Taxa)
Rumex acetosella / Sheep's Sorrel D DK HR
Rumex tenuifolius / Narrow-Leaved Sheep's Sorrel Rumex acetosella var. tenuifolius D S
Rumex lunaria / Canary Island Sorrel, Vinagrera Gom Ten
Rumex tingitanus / Tangier Sorrel Rumex roseus F
Rumex scutatus / French Sorrel A CH D E F HR SLO
Rumex tuberosus subsp. creticus / Cretan Dock, Tuberous-Rooted Dock Chi Kre Les Rho Sam
Rumex nivalis / Snow Dock A
Rumex alpestris / Mountain Dock Rumex arifolius D F HR I
Rumex acetosa / Common Sorrel A D Les
Rumex rugosus / Wrinkled Sorrel D
Rumex thyrsiflorus / Thyrse Sorrel D
Rumex vesicarius / Bladder Dock, Ruby Dock GR
Rumex triangulivalvis / Willow-Leaved Dock ? Rumex salicifolius subsp. triangulivalvis NL
Rumex alpinus / Alpine Dock, Monk's Rhubarb A D F
Rumex aquaticus / Scottish Dock D HR
Rumex hydrolapathum / Great Water Dock D NL S
Rumex cristatus / Greek Dock Rumex graecus,
Rumex patientia subsp. graecus
D Sam
Rumex crispus / Curled Dock D F HR NL
Rumex stenophyllus / Narrowleaf Dock D
Rumex conglomeratus / Whorled Dock D Mal NL
Rumex conglomeratus x obtusifolius / Hybrid Dock Rumex x abortivus D
Rumex sanguineus / Wood Dock D
Rumex pulcher / Fiddle Dock GR HR I Sam
Rumex obtusifolius subsp. obtusifolius / Broad-Leaved Dock D
Rumex obtusifolius s.l. / Broad-Leaved Dock D
Rumex obtusifolius subsp. transiens / Intermediate Broad-Leaved Dock D
Rumex obtusifolius subsp. silvestris / Eastern Broad-Leaved Dock Rumex obtusifolius subsp. sylvestris,
Rumex sylvestris
Rumex palustris / Marsh Dock D
Rumex maritimus / Golden Dock D NL S
Rumex bucephalophorus / Horned Dock GR Kre Les Rho Sam
Rumex bucephalophorus subsp. gallicus / Horned Dock Cor F Mal
Emex spinosa / Spiny Emex, Lesser Jack D

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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