Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Polygonaceae / Knotweed Family (Buckwheat Family)

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Polygonum / Knotgrass (5 Taxa)
Persicaria / Water-Pepper (12 Taxa)
Persicaria minor / Small Water-Pepper Polygonum minus D S
Persicaria mitis / Water-Pepper Persicaria dubia,
Polygonum mite
Persicaria hydropiper / Water-Pepper Polygonum hydropiper D
Persicaria maculosa / Redshank Polygonum persicaria D
Persicaria lapathifolia / Pale Persicaria Polygonum lapathifolium D F NL
Persicaria lapathifolia subsp. pallida / Pale Persicaria Polygonum lapathifolium D
Persicaria brittingeri / Pale Persicaria Polygonum brittingeri D
Persicaria pensylvanica / Pennsylvania Smartweed Polygonum pensylvanicum D
Persicaria amphibia / Water Knotweed, Willow Grass Polygonum amphibia D E IRL S
Persicaria orientalis / Oriental Smartweed, Oriental Knotweed Polygonum orientale D
Persicaria nepalensis / Nepal Knotweed Polygonum nepalense D
Persicaria capitata / Pink Head Persicaria, Pink Bubble Persicaria Polygonum capitatum Les NL
Bistorta / Bistort (2 Taxa)
Aconogonon / Knotweed (2 Taxa)
Fallopia / Bindweed (6 Taxa)
Fagopyrum / Buckwheat (2 Taxa)
Oxyria digyna / Alpine Mountain Sorrel A S
Rheum rhabarbarum / Rhubarb D S
Rumex / Dock,Sorrel (31 Taxa)
Emex spinosa / Spiny Emex, Lesser Jack D

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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