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Orobanchaceae / Broomrape Family

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Phelipanche / Broomrape (9 Taxa)
Orobanche / Broomrape (30 Taxa)
Orobanche crenata / Carnation-scented Broomrape Chi Cor HR I Kre Les Sam Siz
Orobanche alba / Thyme Broomrape D F HR
Orobanche reticulata subsp. reticulata / Thistle Broomrape Orobanche platystigma D
Orobanche reticulata subsp. pallidiflora / Pale Thistle Broomrape D
Orobanche pancicii / Pancic Broomrape A
Orobanche baumanniorum / Baumann's Broomrape ? GR
Orobanche pubescens / Hairy Broomrape Chi GR Kre Les Rho
Orobanche amethystea / Seaholly Broomrape D GR
Orobanche artemisiae-campestris / Wormwood Broomrape Orobanche loricata D E
Orobanche picridis / Picris Broomrape, Oxtongue Broomrape Cor D F GR HR Les Sar
Orobanche minor / Lesser Broomrape, Common Broomrape Cor D F HR I Les
Orobanche hederae / Ivy Broomrape F HR I
Orobanche latisquama / Broomrape Boulardia latisquama E
Orobanche caryophyllacea / Bedstraw Broomrape A D E F HR
Orobanche teucrii / Germander Broomrape D
Orobanche lutea / Yellow Broomrape D F HR
Orobanche kochii / Koch's Broomrape F
Orobanche elatior / Tall Broomrape D
Orobanche alsatica subsp. alsatica / Alsatian Broomrape D
Orobanche alsatica subsp. mayeri / Mayer's Broomrape D
Orobanche alsatica subsp. libanotidis / Bartling's Broomrape Orobanche bartlingii D
Orobanche flava / Butterbur Broomrape D
Orobanche lucorum / Barberry Broomrape D
Orobanche salviae / Sage Broomrape A D HR SLO
Orobanche rapum-genistae / Greater Broomrape D F
Orobanche gracilis / Slender Broomrape ? A D F HR SLO
Orobanche austrohispanica / Southern-Spanish Broomrape Orobanche gracilis var. deludens F
Orobanche variegata / Variegated Broomrape F Siz
Orobanche sanguinea / Blood-Red Broomrape Kre
Orobanche cypria / Cyprian Broomrape Zyp

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