Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Lamiaceae (Labiatae) / Mint Family

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Clerodendrum trichotomum / Harlequin Glory Bower, Chance Tree D
Ajuga / Bugle (8 Taxa)
Teucrium / Germander (19 Taxa)
Scutellaria / Skullcap (6 Taxa)
Prasium majus / Great Hedge Nettle Chi GR Kre Rho Sam
Marrubium / Horehound (4 Taxa)
Sideritis / Ironwort (9 Taxa)
Melittis melissophyllum / Bastard Balm A D F HR SLO
Phlomis / Jerusalem Sage (6 Taxa)
Galeopsis / Hemp-Nettle (8 Taxa)
Lamium / Dead-Nettle,Archangel (14 Taxa)
Leonurus / Motherwort (3 Taxa)
Ballota / Horehound (4 Taxa)
Betonica / Betony (3 Taxa)
Stachys / Woundwort (21 Taxa)
Stachys macrantha / Caucasus Woundwort, Betony Woundwort D
Stachys alpina / Limestone Woundwort A HR
Stachys germanica / Downy Woundwort D HR I SLO
Stachys cretica / Mediterranean Woundwort GR HR
Stachys salviifolia / Sage-Leaved Woundwort I
Stachys byzantina / Lamb's Ear D
Stachys sylvatica / Hedge Woundwort D
Stachys x ambigua / Hybrid Woundwort Stachys palustris x sylvatica D F
Stachys palustris / Marsh Woundwort D DK HR IRL
Stachys recta / Yellow Woundwort D F HR I
Stachys subcrenata / Dalmatian Woundwort HR
Stachys leucoglossa / White-Tongue Woundwort GR
Stachys mucronata / Prickly Woundwort Kre
Stachys spruneri / Spruner's Woundwort GR
Stachys glutinosa / Sticky Woundwort Cor
Stachys corsica / Corsian Woundwort Cor
Stachys ocymastrum / Hairy Woundwort E Mal P
Stachys annua / Annual Yellow Woundwort D F GR HR I
Stachys spinulosa / Spiny Woundwort GR Kre Les Sam
Stachys arvensis / Field Woundwort Cor D
Stachys serbica / Serbian Woundwort GR
Cedronella canariensis / Canary Balm Gom
Nepeta / Catnip (7 Taxa)
Agastache rugosa / Wrinkles Giant Hyssop, Korean Mint D
Glechoma / Ground-Ivy (2 Taxa)
Prunella / Selfheal (5 Taxa)
Cleonia lusitanica / Sweet-Scented Cleonia D
Melissa / Balm (2 Taxa)
Pycnanthemum pilosum / Hairy Mountain Mint D
Satureja / Savory (4 Taxa)
Acinos / Calamint (4 Taxa)
Calamintha / Calamint (6 Taxa)
Clinopodium vulgare / Wild Basil Calamintha clinopodium D E F GR PL S SLO
Micromeria / Savory (7 Taxa)
Hyssopus officinalis / Hyssop E F S
Origanum / Marjoram,Oregano (6 Taxa)
Thymbra capitata / Mediterranean Thyme Thymus capitatus,
Coridothymus capitatus
GR Rho
Thymus / Thyme (13 Taxa)
Lycopus / Gipsywort (2 Taxa)
Mentha / Mint (11 Taxa)
Rosmarinus officinalis / Rosemary F HR I Mal
Ocimum basilicum / Sweet Basil D S
Lavandula / Lavender (6 Taxa)
Horminum pyrenaicum / Pyrenean Dead-Nettle A E F I
Salvia / Sage,Clary (17 Taxa)
Perovskia atriplicifolia / Russian Sage D GR

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
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