Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Hypericaceae (Guttiferaceae) / St.John's Wort Family

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Preview image Hypericum calycinum / Creeping St. John's-Wort, Aaron's Beard D F
Hypericum androsaemum / Tutsan E F I IRL
Hypericum grandifolium / Large-Leaved Canary St. John's-Wort Gom
Hypericum balearicum / Balearic St. John's-Wort Mal
Hypericum empetrifolium / Crowberry-Leaved St. John's-Wort GR
Hypericum coris / Heath-Leaved St. John's-Wort F
Hypericum hirsutum / Hairy St. John's-Wort D HR
Hypericum pulchrum / Slender St. John's-Wort D
Hypericum nummularium / Round-Leaved St. John's-Wort E
Hypericum olympicum / Mount Olymp St. John's-Wort Cor D F
Hypericum montanum / Pale St. John's-Wort D S
Hypericum elodes / Marsh St. John's-Wort Elodes palustris D
Hypericum perfoliatum / Perfoliate St. John's-Wort Siz
Hypericum richeri subsp. richeri / Richer's St. John's-Wort F
Hypericum richeri subsp. burseri / Burser's St. John's-Wort E F
Hypericum richeri subsp. grisebachii / Grisebach's St. John's-Wort HR
Hypericum spruneri / Spruner's St. John's-Wort GR
Hypericum rumeliacum / Rumelian St. John's-Wort GR
Hypericum humifusum / Trailing St. John's-Wort D
Hypericum tetrapterum / Square-Stalked St. John's-Wort D
Hypericum maculatum / Imperforate St. John's-Wort A F HR SLO
Hypericum dubium / Spotted St. John's-Wort Hypericum maculatum subsp. obtusiusculum D
Hypericum desetangsii / Des Etangs' St. John's-Wort D
Hypericum patzkei / Patzke's St. John's-Wort D
Hypericum perforatum / Perforate St. John's-Wort D F GR HR
Hypericum triquetrifolium / Wavyleaf St. John's-Wort, Tangled Hypericum GR
Hypericum hircinum subsp. majus / Greater Stinking Tutsan, Lemon-Scented St. John's-Wort E

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