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Geranium / Crane's-Bill (29 Taxa)
Geranium macrorrhizum / Rock Crane's-Bill D GR HR
Geranium cinereum / Ashy Crane's-Bill F
Geranium subcaulescens / Ashy Crane's-Bill Geranium cinereum subsp. subcaulescens GR
Geranium sanguineum / Bloody Crane's-Bill D F IRL Lie
Geranium pratense / Meadow Crane's-Bill D F
Geranium sylvaticum / Wood Crane's-Bill A D F HR S
Geranium rivulare / White Crane's-Bill F
Geranium oxonianum forma thurstonianum / Thurston’s Oxford Crane's-Bill IRL
Geranium versicolor / Pencilled Crane's-Bill GR
Geranium nodosum / Knotted Crane's-Bill D F HR
Geranium phaeum / Dusky Crane's-Bill A D HR I
Geranium tuberosum / Bulbous Crane's-Bill Chi GR
Geranium macrostylum / Crane's-Bill GR Rho
Geranium palustre / Marsh Crane's-Bill D
Geranium divaricatum / Spreading Crane's-Bill, Fanleaf Geranium F
Geranium sibiricum / Siberian Crane's-Bill, Siberian Geranium A
Geranium pyrenaicum / Hedge-Row Crane's-Bill D E F GR I
Geranium rotundifolium / Round-Leaved Crane's-Bill D E F GR HR Mal Rho
Geranium molle / Dove-Foot Crane's-Bill D HR Rho
Geranium pusillum / Small-Flowered Crane's-Bill D E I Kre
Geranium columbinum / Branched Crane's-Bill Cor D E F GR
Geranium dissectum / Cut-Leaved Crane's-Bill D GR HR Mal
Geranium lucidum / Shining Crane's-Bill Cor F GR Les Rho Sam
Geranium robertianum / Herb Robert A D E F
Geranium urbanum / City Crane's-Bill D
Geranium alboroseum / Bright Pink Crane's-Bill D
Geranium reuteri / Canary Island Crane's-Bill Geranium canariense Gom
Geranium purpureum / Little Robin, Lesser Herb Robert D F HR Kre Mal Rho
Geranium spec1 / Crane's-Bill ? D
Erodium / Stork's-Bill (15 Taxa)

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