Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Fumariaceae / Fumitory Family

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Preview image Corydalis cava / Hollow-Root A D HR I
Corydalis cava x solida / Hybrid Hollow-Root Corydalis x campylochila D
Corydalis intermedia / Intermediate Corydalis D
Corydalis solida / Bird in a Bush D GR I
Corydalis densiflora / Dense-Flowered Corydalis Corydalis solida subsp. densiflora GR
Corydalis integra / Entire Corydalis Sam
Corydalis lutea / Yellow Corydalis Pseudofumaria lutea D F S
Corydalis alba / Pale Corydalis Pseudofumaria alba D F GR HR
Sarcocapnos enneaphylla / Nine-Leaved Sarcocapnos E F
Fumaria macrocarpa / Large-Fruited Fumitory ? Kre Rho
Fumaria capreolata / White Ramping Fumitory Chi F I Mal Rho
Fumaria flabellata / Southern Ramping Fumitory HR Mal
Fumaria sepium / Coastal Fumitory Mal
Fumaria muralis / Wall Fumitory D
Fumaria densiflora / Dense-Flowered Fumitory Chi HR
Fumaria officinalis / Common Fumitory D F GR HR I Les Sam
Fumaria officinalis subsp. wirtgenii / Wirtgen's Fumitory Fumaria wirtgenii D
Fumaria schleicheri / Schleicher's Fumitory D
Fumaria vaillantii / Few-Flowered Fumitory D
Fumaria parviflora / Fine-Leaved Fumitory D
Platycapnos spicatus / Spiked Platycapnos F
Ceratocapnos claviculata / Climbing Corydalis D

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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