Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Crassulaceae / Stonecrop Family

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Crassula helmsii / Swamp Stonecrop, New Zealand Pygmyweed Crassula recurva D
Umbilicus / Navelwort (4 Taxa)
Sempervivum / House-Leek (9 Taxa)
Jovibarba / Hen-and-Chicks (3 Taxa)
Aeonium / Aeonium (4 Taxa)
Greenovia / Greenovia (2 Taxa)
Aichryson laxum / Tree of Love, Mice Ears Aichryson dichotomum Gom
Monanthes pallens / Pale Monanthes Ten
Hylotelephium / Orpine,Witch's Moneybags (4 Taxa)
Sedum / Stonecrop (32 Taxa)
Sedum spurium / Caucasian Stonecrop Phedimus spurius D S
Sedum aizoon / Aizoon Stonecrop Phedimus aizoon D S
Sedum hybridum / Mongolian Stonecrop Phedimus hybridus D
Sedum ellacombeanum / Ellacombe Stonecrop Phedimus ellacombeanus D F
Sedum kamtschaticum / Kamchatka Stonecrop Phedimus kamtschaticus D
Sedum middendorffianum var. diffusum / Extended Stonecrop Phedimus diffusus D
Sedum sediforme / Pale Stonecrop Sedum nicaeense E F Sam
Sedum ochroleucum / European Stonecrop Sedum anopetalum F HR I
Sedum rupestre / Crooked Yellow Stonecrop, Reflexed Stonecrop Sedum reflexum D F
Sedum forsterianum / Rock Stonecrop, Welsh Stonecrop Sedum elegans,
Sedum aureum
And D E F
Sedum acre / Biting Stonecrop D GR HR I
Sedum alpestre / Alpine Stonecrop A F
Sedum sexangulare / Tasteless Stonecrop D HR I
Sedum album / White Stonecrop A Cor D E F I
Sedum anglicum / English Stonecrop E IRL
Sedum anglicum subsp. pyrenaicum / Pyrenean Stonecrop E F
Sedum dasyphyllum / Corsian Stonecrop Cor E F GR HR I Mal
Sedum brevifolium / Short-Leaved Stonecrop And E F
Sedum hirsutum / Hairy Stonecrop E F
Sedum villosum / Hairy Stonecrop D F
Sedum creticum / Cretan Stonecrop Kre
Sedum cepaea / Pink Stonecrop HR
Sedum atratum / Dark Stonecrop A E I
Sedum stellatum / Starry Stonecrop Phedimus stellatus Cor
Sedum annuum / Annual Stonecrop A D F
Sedum litoreum / Coastal Stonecrop Sedum praesidis Kre Les Rho Sam
Sedum rubens / Red Stonecrop Mal
Sedum andegavense / Angers Stonecrop Cor
Sedum hispanicum / Spanish Stonecrop Chi D F GR HR I
Sedum pallidum / Turkish Stonecrop D
Sedum caeruleum / Azure Stonecrop Cor
Sedum sempervivum / Red Turkish Stonecrop Prometheum sempervivoides F
Rhodiola rosea / Golden Root, Roseroot A HR
Rosularia serrata / Serrate Rosularia Chi Kre Les Sam

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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