Photos of European Plants according to the botanical System:
Chenopodiaceae / Goosefoot Family

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Polycnemum majus / Giant Needle-Leaf D
Beta / Beet (4 Taxa)
Dysphania / Goosefoot (5 Taxa)
Blitum / Goosefoot (3 Taxa)
Chenopodium / Goosefoot (21 Taxa)
Chenopodium glaucum / Oak-Leaved Goosefoot, Glaucous Goosefoot Oxybasis glauca D NL S
Chenopodium rubrum / Red Goosefoot Oxybasis rubra D
Chenopodium chenopodioides / Low Goosefoot Oxybasis chenopodioides A D GR S
Chenopodium hybridum / Maple-Leaved Goosefoot Chenopodiastrum hybridum D
Chenopodium polyspermum / Many-Seeded Goosefoot Lipandra polysperma D
Chenopodium vulvaria / Stinking Goosefoot, Notchweed D F Mal
Chenopodium rhombifolium / Serrate-Leaved Goosefoot Chenopodium intermedium,
Chenopodium urbicum var. intermedium,
Chenopodium rubrum var. intermedium,
Oxybasis urbica var. rhombifolia
Chenopodium urbicum / City Goosefoot Oxybasis urbica D
Chenopodium murale / Nettle-Leaf Goosefoot Chenopodiastrum murale D GR Rho
Chenopodium ficifolium / Fig-Leaved Goosefoot D F GR
Chenopodium opulifolium / Grey Goosefoot D GR
Chenopodium album / Fat Hen D
Chenopodium album subsp. borbasii / Borbas' Fat Hen Chenopodium borbasii D
Chenopodium album subsp. pedunculare / Seaport Goosefoot Chenopodium pedunculare D
Chenopodium quinoa / Quinoa E Kre Les S Sam
Chenopodium probstii / Probst's Goosefoot D
Chenopodium strictum / Striped Goosefoot, Lateflowering Goosefoot Chenopodium album subsp. striatum D GR
Chenopodium striatiforme / False Striped Goosefoot Chenopodium strictum subsp. striatiforme D
Chenopodium suecicum / Swedish Goosefoot ? D
Chenopodium giganteum / Tree Spinach Chenopodium amaranticolor F
Chenopodium x reynieri / Hybrid Goosefoot Chenopodium album x giganteum D
Spinacia oleracea / Spinach D E Kre
Atriplex / Orache (13 Taxa)
Halimione / Sea Purslane (2 Taxa)
Bassia / Smotherweed (4 Taxa)
Corispermum / Bugseed (2 Taxa)
Arthrocnemum fruticosum / Glasswort Salicornia fruticosa,
Sarcocornia fruticosa
Salicornia / Glasswort (5 Taxa)
Suaeda / Sea Blite,Seepweed (4 Taxa)
Salsola / Glasswort (3 Taxa)

Other Plant Family         .. alphab. List
This Family alphabetically


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