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Campanulaceae / Bellflower Family

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Campanula / Bellflower (53 Taxa)
Campanula zoysii / Zois' Bellflower A
Campanula arvatica subsp. arvatica / Oviedo Bellflower E
Campanula ramosissima / Branched Bellflower GR
Campanula spathulata subsp. sprunerana / Spoon-Shaped Bellflower ? GR
Campanula spathulata subsp. filicaulis / Thinstem Bellflower Kre
Campanula patula / Spreading Bellflower A D HR I
Campanula rapunculus / Rampion Bellflower D F HR I
Campanula persicifolia / Peachleaf Bellflower A D F PL
Campanula andrewsii subsp. andrewsii / Andrews' Bellflower GR
Campanula celsii / Cels' Bellflower GR
Campanula celsii subsp. parnesia / Parnitha Bellflower GR
Campanula medium / Canterbury Bells F
Campanula lyrata / Rock Bellflower Chi Les Sam
Campanula barbata / Bearded Bellflower A CH
Campanula alpina / Alpine Bellflower A
Campanula speciosa / Pyrenean Bellflower F
Campanula sibirica / Siberian Bellflower A HR I
Campanula alpestris / Alpine Bellflower F
Campanula glomerata / Clustered Bellflower A D E F HR I SLO
Campanula cervicaria / Bristly Bellflower D
Campanula spicata / Bellflower F I
Campanula thyrsoides / Yellow Bellflower A F SLO
Campanula pyramidalis / Chimney Bellflower HR
Campanula versicolor / Autumn Bellflower GR
Campanula waldsteiniana / Waldstein's Bellflower HR
Campanula tommasiniana / Tommasini's Bellflower HR
Campanula fragilis / Italian Bellflower I
Campanula portenschlagiana / Dalmatian Bellflower D GB
Campanula poscharskyana / Serbian Bellflower D
Campanula hagielia / Hagios Bellflower Chi Rho
Campanula fenestrellata / Adriatic Bellflower HR
Campanula istriaca / Istrian Bellflower Campanula fenestrellata subsp. istriaca HR
Campanula choruhensis / Choruhian Bellflower D
Campanula rhodensis / Small Rhodian Bellflower Rho
Campanula drabifolia / Draba-Leaved Bellflower GR
Campanula erinus / Small Bellflower Cor F Kre Mal Rho Sam
Campanula latifolia / Giant Bellflower D
Campanula alliariifolia / Cornish Bellflower A
Campanula trachelium / Nettle-Leaved Bellflower Campanula urticifolia D E F HR I
Campanula rapunculoides / Creeping Bellflower D HR
Campanula bononiensis / Pale Bellflower, European Bellflower HR I SLO
Campanula hispanica / Spanish Bellflower F
Campanula velebitica / Velebit Bellflower HR
Campanula rhomboidalis / Diamond-Leaved Bellflower, Broad-Leaved Harebell F
Campanula recta / Upright Bellflower ? F
Campanula cochlearifolia / Fairy's Thimble Campanula cochleariifolia A D E F HR
Campanula cespitosa / Carpet Bellflower Campanula caespitosa A HR
Campanula stenocodon / Cottian Bellflower F
Campanula pulla / Dark Bellflower, Austrian Bellflower A
Campanula scheuchzeri / Scheuchzer's Bellflower A D
Campanula ficarioides / Lesser Celandine Bellflower ? Campanula scheuchzeri subsp. ficarioides F
Campanula rotundifolia / Harebell A And D E F HR I IRL S
Campanula baumgartenii / Lanceolate-Leafed Bellflower D
Canarina canariensis / Canary Island Bellflower Ten
Adenophora liliifolia / Common Ladybell Adenophora lilifolia D
Legousia / Venus' Looking-Glass (4 Taxa)
Trachelium caeruleum / Blue Throatwort E
Petromarula pinnata / Cretan Rock Lettuce Kre
Asyneuma limonifolium / Sealavender-Leaved Asyneuma GR
Phyteuma / Rampion (17 Taxa)
Physoplexis comosa / Devil's-Claw I
Wahlenbergia hederacea / Ivy-Leaved Bellflower Hesperocodon hederaceus D E
Edraianthus graminifolius / Grassy Bells HR I
Jasione / Sheep's Bit (4 Taxa)
Lobelia / Lobelia (3 Taxa)
Pratia pedunculata / Blue Star Creeper, Trailing Pratia D

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