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Violaceae / Violet Family

This Family acc. to Relationship

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Preview image Viola alba / White Violet CH D
Viola alba subsp. scotophylla −−> Viola scotophylla D HR
Viola alba x odorata / Hybrid Violet D
Viola alpestris −−> Viola saxatilis A CH E F HR
Viola arvensis / Field Pansy D GR I
Viola arvensis subsp. megalantha / Field Pansy D
Viola arvensis var. contempta −−> Viola arvensis subsp. megalantha D
Viola arvensis x wittrockiana / Hybrid Pansy D
Viola bertolonii subsp. messanensis / Messina Violet Siz
Viola biflora / Alpine Yellow Violet A Cor D F HR I
Viola calaminaria / Zinc Pansy D
Viola calcarata / Spurred Pansy A F I
Viola calcarata subsp. zoysii −−> Viola zoysii A
Viola canina / Dog Violet D F HR
Viola cenisia subsp. lapeyrousiana −−> Viola diversifolia F
Viola collina / Hill Violet D
Viola cornuta / Horned Pansy F
Viola corsica / Corsian Pansy Mal
Viola diversifolia / Diverse-Leaved Violet, Lapeyrouse's Pansy F
Viola dubyana / Duby's Pansy I
Viola elatior / Tall Violet D I
Viola epipsila / Dwarf Marsh Violet S
Viola epirota / Epirus Violet GR
Viola eugeniae / Eugenian Violet I
Viola guestphalica / Blue Zinc Pansy, Westphalia Pansy D
Viola heterophylla subsp. epirota −−> Viola epirota GR
Viola hirta / Hairy Violet D I
Viola hirta var. variegata / Hairy Violet D
Viola hirta x odorata −−> Viola x scabra D
Viola hymettia / Hymettos Violet GR
Viola jaubertiana / Jaubert's Violet Mal
Viola kitaibeliana / Dwarf Pansy Cor D GR HR
Viola lutea / Mountain Pansy F
Viola lutea subsp. sudetica / Eastern Yellow Pansy A
Viola merxmuelleri / Merxmueller's Violet I
Viola mirabilis / Broad-Leaved Violet D
Viola montana / Mountain Violet D
Viola odorata / Sweet Violet D HR I Mal Siz
Viola odorata var. sulphurea / Sweet Violet D
Viola palustris / Marsh Violet A D F
Viola persicifolia / Fen Violet D
Viola pumila / Meadow Violet D
Viola reichenbachiana / Early Dog Violet A D F GR HR I Kre
Viola reichenbachiana x riviniana −−> Viola x bavarica D
Viola riviniana / Common Dog Violet A D
Viola rupestris / Teesdale Violet D
Viola ruppii −−> Viola montana D
Viola saxatilis / Rock Pansy A CH E F HR
Viola schultzii −−> Viola montana D
Viola scorpiuroides / Scorpion Violet Kre
Viola scotophylla / Dark-Leaved Violet D HR
Viola stagnina −−> Viola persicifolia D
Viola stolonifera −−> Viola odorata D HR I Mal Siz
Viola suavis / Russian Violet D
Viola tricolor / Heartsease, Wild Pansy A D F GR HR S
Viola tricolor subsp. ammotropha −−> Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii D IRL S
Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii / Seaside Pansy, Sand Pansy D IRL S
Viola tricolor subsp. hortensis −−> Viola wittrockiana D E
Viola tricolor subsp. maritima −−> Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii D IRL S
Viola tricolor subsp. saxatilis −−> Viola saxatilis A CH E F HR
Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina −−> Viola saxatilis A CH E F HR
Viola valderia / Piemontain Violet F
Viola wittrockiana / Pansy D E
Viola x bavarica / Hybrid Violet D
Viola x cluniensis −−> Viola alba x odorata D
Viola x dubia −−> Viola x bavarica D
Viola x scabra / Hairy Violet D
Viola zoysii / Baron de Zoys's Pansy A

This Family acc. to Relationship
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