Photos of European Plants:
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort Family

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Anarrhinum bellidifolium / Daisy-Leaved Toadflax E F
Antirrhinum / Snapdragon (7 Taxa) D E F GR HR I Rho S Sam Siz
Asarina procumbens / Trailing Snapdragon F
Bacopa diffusa −−> Chaenostoma cordatum D F
Bartsia alpina / Velvetbells A D F I SLO
Bellardia trixago / Bastard Balm Cor Les Mal Rho Sam Siz
Campylanthus salsoloides / Campylanthus Ten
Chaenorhinum / Toadflax (3 Taxa) A And D E F HR
Chaenostoma cordatum / Bacopa D F
Cymbalaria / Toadflax (6 Taxa) Chi D E F GR HR I Kre Mal Rho S Sam
Digitalis / Foxgloves (9 Taxa + 3 Syn.) And Cor D E F HR I IRL Mal S
Erinus alpinus / Fairy Foxglove D E F IRL
Euphrasia / Eyebright (16 Taxa + 2 Syn.) A D E F HR I IRL NL S
Gratiola officinalis / Gratiole D HR
Isoplexis canariensis / Canary Island Foxglove Ten
Kickxia / Fluellen (3 Taxa) D E HR I
Lathraea / Toothwort (2 Taxa) A D F
Limosella aquatica / Water Mudwort D S
Linaria / Toadflax (23 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A Chi Cor D E F GR HR I Kre Les NL PL Rho S Siz
Lindernia / False Pimpernel (2 Taxa) D
Melampyrum / Cow-Wheat (9 Taxa) A D F HR I PL SLO
Microrrhinum minus −−> Chaenorhinum minus A And D HR
Mimulus / Monkey Flower (2 Taxa)
Mimulus guttatus / Monkey Flower D
Mimulus moschatus / Musk Monkey Flower I
Misopates / Weasel's-Snout (2 Taxa) Cor D F I Kre Mal Pal Rho
Odontites / Bartsia (4 Taxa + 2 Syn.) D F GR IRL NL S
Paederota / Veronica (2 Taxa) A F I SLO
Parentucellia / Glandweed (2 Taxa) Cor F GR I Kre Mal NL Rho Sam
Paulownia tomentosa / Princess Tree, Foxglove Tree D F
Pedicularis / Lousewort (21 Taxa + 2 Syn.) A CH D E F HR I IRL SLO
Pseudolysimachion / Speedwell (3 Syn.) D HR PL S SLO
Rhinanthus / Yellow-Rattle (7 Taxa + 3 Syn.) A D E F HR IRL S
Scrophularia / Figwort (14 Taxa + 1 Syn.) Chi Cor D E F GR HR I Kre Les NL Rho SLO Sam
Sibthorpia africana / Balearic Moneywort Mal
Sutera cordata −−> Chaenostoma cordatum D F
Verbascum / Mullein (26 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A D E F GR HR I Kre Les Mal SLO Sam Sar TR
Veronica / Speedwell (48 Taxa + 6 Syn.) A CH Chi Cor D F GR HR I IRL Kre Mal NL PL S SLO Sam
Wulfenia carinthiaca / Wulfenia D F

This Family acc. to Relationship
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