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Rosaceae / Rose Family

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Agrimonia / Agrimony (2 Taxa) D HR
Alchemilla / Lady's Mantle (23 Taxa + 2 Syn.) A CH D E F HR I S
Amelanchier / Service Berry (2 Taxa) D F HR
Amygdalus communis −−> Prunus dulcis Chi D GR I Mal
Aphanes / Parsley Piert (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D E I
Aremonia agrimonoides / Bastard Agrimony GR
Aruncus / Goat's Beard (1 Taxon + 2 Syn.) A D F HR SLO
Comarum palustre −−> Potentilla palustris CH D S
Cotoneaster / Cotoneaster (9 Taxa + 2 Syn.) A D F GR HR IRL
Crataegus / Hawthorn (10 Taxa + 8 Syn.) Cor D E F GR Les Rho S
Cydonia oblonga / Quince D Les
Dasiphora fruticosa −−> Potentilla fruticosa F IRL S
Dryas octopetala / Mountain Avens A I IRL
Drymocallis rupestris −−> Potentilla rupestris D F I
Duchesnea indica / Yellow-flowered Strawberry D HR I
Eriobotrya japonica / Loquat I Les Mal
Filipendula / Meadowsweet (2 Taxa) A D HR
Fragaria / Strawberry (4 Taxa) A Cor D F HR
Geum / Avens (9 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A CH D F GR I SLO
Kerria japonica / Kerrie D
Malus / Apple (3 Taxa) D HR S
Mespilus germanica / Medlar D
Physocarpus opulifolius / Common Ninebark D
Potentilla / Cinquefoil (46 Taxa + 7 Syn.) A CH D E F GR HR I IRL Mal NL S
Poterium spinosum −−> Sarcopoterium spinosum Chi GR Kre Les Mal Rho
Prunus / Drupes (20 Taxa + 1 Syn.) Chi D E GR HR I Kre Mal NL S
Pyracantha coccinea agg. / Firethorn D
Pyrus / Pear (4 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D F GR Kre Les Sam
Rhodotypos scandens / Jetbead D
Rosa / Rose (35 Taxa + 9 Syn.) A Cor D E F GR HR I IRL NL S SLO
Rubus / Bramble (112 Taxa + 13 Syn.) A CH D E F GR HR I IRL Mal S SLO
Sanguisorba / Burnet (4 Taxa) Chi D HR I Kre Sam
Sarcopoterium spinosum / Thorny Burnet Chi GR Kre Les Mal Rho
Sibbaldia procumbens / Creeping Sibbaldia D F
Sibiraea altaiensis subsp. croatica / Croatian Sibirea HR
Sorbaria sorbifolia / Ural False Spiraea D
Sorbus / Whitebeam,Ash (56 Taxa + 3 Syn.) A D E F GR HR I IRL S
Spiraea / Meadowsweet (6 Taxa + 1 Syn.)
Spiraea alba / Pale Bridewort D
Spiraea aruncus −−> Aruncus dioicus A D F HR SLO
Spiraea japonica / Japanese Meadowsweet D
Spiraea salicifolia / Willowleaf Meadowsweet, Bridewort A D PL
Spiraea thunbergii / Thunberg's Meadowsweet, Baby's Breath Spirea D
Spiraea vanhouttei / Meadowsweet D
Spiraea x cinerea / Ashgrey Meadowsweet D
Waldsteinia / Barren Strawberry (2 Taxa) D

This Family acc. to Relationship
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