Photos of European Plants:
Primulaceae / Primrose Family

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Anagallis / Pimpernel (6 Taxa + 1 Syn.) Chi D F GR HR I IRL Kre Les Mal Rho S Sam Siz Tun
Androsace / Rock Jasmine (10 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A CH D F HR SLO
Asterolinon linum-stellatum / Flax-Leaved Loosestrife GR Kre Rho
Centunculus minimus −−> Anagallis minima F
Coris monspeliensis / Montpellier Coris F Mal
Cortusa matthioli / Bear's-Ear Sanicle A F
Cyclamen / Cyclamen (10 Taxa) A Chi D GR HR I Kre Les Mal Rho SLO Sam Sar Siz Zyp
Glaux maritima / Sea Milkwort D IRL NL S
Gregoria vitaliana −−> Androsace vitaliana F
Hottonia palustris / Water Violet D
Lysimachia / Loosestrife (8 Taxa + 7 Syn.) Chi D E F GB GR HR I Kre Les Mal PL Rho S SLO Sam Siz Tun
Primula / Primrose (21 Taxa + 3 Syn.) A CH D E F GR HR I IRL Kre S Siz
Samolus valerandi / Brookweed Cor D F GR NL
Soldanella / Snowbell (4 Taxa) A CH D F I
Trientalis europaea / Chickweed Wintergreen D S
Vitaliana primuliflora −−> Androsace vitaliana F

This Family acc. to Relationship
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