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Polypodiaceae (Pteridopsida) / Ferns

All ferns except the Royal Ferns (Osmundaceae), Ferns (Hymenophyllaceae), Adder's-Tongue Ferns (Ophioglossaceae), Water Ferns (Azollaceae), Water Clovers (Marsileaceae), and Floating Ferns (Salviniaceae) are here summed up as Real Ferns (Polypodiaceae), Pteridopsida). In between this inhomogenous group has been splitted into many smaller families:
- Genus Pteridium forms family Dennstaedtiaceae.
- Genus Adiantum, Anogramma, Cheilanthes, Cryptogramma, and Pteris are in between maintained under the family Pteridaceae.
- Genus Asplenium forms family Aspleniaceae.
- Genus Thelypteris, Oreopteris, and Phegopteris are assigned to the family Thelypteridaceae.
- Genus Blechnum forms family Blechnaceae.
- Genus Athyrium, Cystopteris, Gymnocarpium, and Woodsia are now maintained under the family Woodsiaceae.
- Genus Matteuccia and Onoclea are assigned to the family Onocleaceae.
- Genus Dryopteris, Cyrtomium, and Polystichum are now maintained under family Dryopteridaceae.
- Genus Polypodium forms family Polypodiaceae.
- Genus Davallia (Hare's-Foot Fern forms family Davalliaceae.


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Adiantum / Maidenhair Fern (2 Taxa)
Adiantum capillus-veneris / Maidenhair Fern E F GR Mal Rho Sam
Adiantum raddianum / Delta Maidenhair Fern D
Anogramma leptophylla / Jersey Fern GR Kre Mal Rho
Asplenium / Spleenwort (23 Taxa + 5 Syn.) A Chi D E F GB GR HR I IRL Kre Les Rho S SLO Sam
Athyrium / Lady Fern (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A D I
Blechnum spicant / Hard Fern D IRL
Ceterach officinarum −−> Asplenium ceterach Chi D F I IRL Kre Rho Sam
Cheilanthes / Lip Fern (3 Taxa + 2 Syn.) Chi GR Kre Les Pal Rho Sam Ten
Cosentinia vellea −−> Cheilanthes vellea Ten
Cryptogramma crispa / Parsley Fern A Cor F
Cyrtomium / Holly Fern (2 Taxa) D
Cystopteris / Bladder Fern (3 Taxa) A D E F GR HR I
Davallia canariensis / Hare's-Foot Fern Gom
Dryopteris / Buckler Fern (13 Taxa + 2 Syn.) A CH D F HR I S Sam
Gymnocarpium / Oak Fern (2 Taxa) A D F S
Matteuccia struthiopteris / Ostrich Fern A D
Notholaena vellea −−> Cheilanthes vellea Ten
Onoclea sensibilis / Sensible Fern D
Oreopteris limbosperma / Sweet Mountain Fern, Lemon-Scented Fern D
Phegopteris connectilis / Beech Fern D F
Phyllitis scolopendrium −−> Asplenium scolopendrium A D F GB HR IRL SLO
Polypodium / Polypody (4 Taxa + 2 Syn.) Cor D E F HR I NL S Sam
Polystichum / Shield Fern (4 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A D E F HR I S SLO
Pteridium / Bracken (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D F GR Gom
Pteris vittata / Brake Fern Mal
Thelypteris / Fern (1 Taxon + 2 Syn.) D F
Woodsia ilvensis / Oblong Woodsia, Rusty Woodsia D

This Family acc. to Relationship
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