Photos of European Plants:
Oleaceae / Ash Family

This Family acc. to Relationship

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Preview image Forsythia suspensa / Golden Bell D
Forsythia suspensa x viridissima −−> Forsythia x intermedia D
Forsythia x intermedia / Golden Bell D
Fraxinus angustifolia / Narrow-Leaved Ash D E F HR I
Fraxinus excelsior / Ash D F I
Fraxinus ornus / Manna Ash A D GR HR I
Fraxinus pennsylvanica / Green Ash D
Jasminum fruticans / Wild Jasmine D F
Jasminum nudiflorum / Winter-Flowering Jasmine D
Ligustrum lucidum / Glossy Privet E
Ligustrum ovalifolium / California Privet, Oval-Leaved Privet IRL
Ligustrum vulgare / Wild Privet A D F I
Olea europaea var. europaea / Olive Chi Cor F GR Kre Mal Rho Sam
Olea oleaster −−> Olea sylvestris F GR Rho
Olea paniculata / Native Olive, Australian Olive GR
Olea sativa −−> Olea europaea var. europaea Chi Cor F GR Kre Mal Rho Sam
Olea sylvestris / Oleaster F GR Rho
Phillyrea angustifolia / Narrow-Leaved Phillyrea F
Phillyrea latifolia / Broad-Leaved Phillyrea Cor E F HR I
Syringa reflexa x villosa −−> Syringa x prestoniae D
Syringa vulgaris / Lilac D
Syringa x prestoniae / Preston Lilac D

This Family acc. to Relationship
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