Photos of European Plants:
Lycopodiaceae / Clubmoss Family

This Family acc. to Relationship

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Preview image Diphasiastrum alpinum / Alpine Clubmoss A D I
Diphasiastrum complanatum / Northern Running-Pine D
Diphasiastrum issleri / Issler's Clubmoss D
Diphasiastrum oellgaardii / Oellgaard's Clubmoss D
Diphasiastrum tristachyum / Cypress Clubmoss D
Diphasiastrum zeilleri / Zeiller's Running-Pine D
Huperzia selago / Fir Clubmoss A CH D F I
Lycopodiella inundata / Marsh Clubmoss D
Lycopodium alpinum −−> Diphasiastrum alpinum A D I
Lycopodium annotinum / Interrupted Clubmoss A D F I S
Lycopodium clavatum / Stag's-Horn Clubmoss, Common Clubmoss D
Lycopodium complanatum −−> Diphasiastrum complanatum D
Lycopodium oellgaardii −−> Diphasiastrum oellgaardii D
Lycopodium tristachyum −−> Diphasiastrum tristachyum D
Lycopodium zeilleri −−> Diphasiastrum zeilleri D

This Family acc. to Relationship
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