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Iridaceae / Iris Family

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Crocosmia / Montbretia (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) E IRL
Crocus / Crocus (24 Taxa + 4 Syn.) A Chi Cor D F GR I Kre Rho TR
Freesia / Freesia (2 Taxa) Chi I Mal Rho
Gladiolus / Gladiolus (6 Taxa)
Gladiolus anatolicus / Anatolian Gladiolus Chi Rho Sam
Gladiolus communis / Cornflag ? E F
Gladiolus illyricus / Wild Gladiolus Mal Sam
Gladiolus imbricatus / Turkish Marsh Gladiolus D
Gladiolus italicus / Field Gladiolus F GR HR I Kre Rho
Gladiolus palustris / Marsh Gladiolus D
Gynandriris / Nut Iris (2 Syn.) Kre Les Rho Sar Siz Tun Zyp
Hermodactylus tuberosus −−> Iris tuberosa GR Kre Siz
Iris / Iris (34 Taxa + 3 Syn.) A Chi D E F GR HR I IL IRL Kre Les Lie P Rho Siz
Moraea / Nut Iris (2 Taxa) Kre Les Rho Sar Siz Tun Zyp
Romulea / Sand Crocus (5 Taxa) GR HR Kre Mal Rho Sar Siz Ten Zyp
Sisyrinchium / Eyed Grass (2 Taxa) IRL

This Family acc. to Relationship
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