Photos of European Plants:
Gentianaceae / Gentian Family

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Blackstonia / Yellow-Wort (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D F HR IRL Mal NL
Centaurium / Centaury (8 Taxa + 2 Syn.) Cor D E F GB GR HR I IRL NL Rho S Siz
Cicendia filiformis / Slender Cicendia, Yellow Centaury D
Gentiana / Gentian (21 Taxa + 2 Syn.) A And CH D E F HR I IRL SLO
Gentianella / Gentian (12 Taxa)
Gentianella amarella / Autumn Gentian A GB IRL
Gentianella anisodonta / Dolomitian Gentian HR
Gentianella aspera / Gentian A I
Gentianella austriaca / Austrian Gentian A HR
Gentianella campestris / Field Gentian A E F I IRL
Gentianella ciliata / Fringed Gentian A D E
Gentianella germanica / Chiltern Gentian D
Gentianella hypericifolia / Hypericum-Leaved Gentian F
Gentianella lutescens / Carpathian Gentian A
Gentianella ramosa / Branched Gentian ? I
Gentianella rhaetica / Rhaetian Gentian I
Gentianella uliginosa / Dune Gentian GB S
Gentianopsis ciliata −−> Gentianella ciliata A D E
Ixanthus viscosus / Sticky Ixanthus Gom
Schenkia spicata −−> Centaurium spicatum GR
Swertia perennis / Marsh Felwort A CH D F

This Family acc. to Relationship
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