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Euphorbiaceae / Spurge Family

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Chamaesyce / Spurge (7 Taxa) Cor D E F GR HR I Les
Chrozophora / Turnasole, Chrozophora (2 Taxa) GR
Euphorbia / Spurge (52 Taxa + 20 Syn.)
Euphorbia acanthothamnos / Greek Spiny Spurge GR Kre Sam
Euphorbia amygdaloides / Mediterranean Spurge A D F HR SLO
Euphorbia aphylla / Leafless Spurge Ten
Euphorbia apios / Pear-Rooted Spurge GR
Euphorbia atropurpurea / Bush Spurge Ten
Euphorbia austriaca / Austrian Spurge A
Euphorbia barrelieri / Barrelier's Spurge I
Euphorbia brittingeri −−> Euphorbia verrucosa D F HR S
Euphorbia broussonetii / Broussonet's Spurge Gom Ten
Euphorbia carniolica / Carniolan Spurge A I
Euphorbia chamaesyce −−> Chamaesyce canescens Les
Euphorbia characias / Large Mediterranean Spurge Chi D F GR HR I Kre Mal
Euphorbia cyparissias / Cypress Spurge A D F HR
Euphorbia dendroides / Tree Spurge I Mal Sam Sar
Euphorbia dimorphocaulon / Dimorphic Spurge Kre
Euphorbia dulcis / Sweet Spurge A D GR HR
Euphorbia duvalii / Duval's Spurge F
Euphorbia epithymoides / Cushion Spurge A
Euphorbia esula / Leafy Spurge D HR
Euphorbia esula x lucida / Spurge Hybrid D
Euphorbia exigua / Dwarf Spurge D F I Mal
Euphorbia falcata / Sickle Spurge Mal
Euphorbia flavicoma subsp. verrucosa −−> Euphorbia verrucosa D F HR S
Euphorbia fragifera / Strawberry Spurge HR
Euphorbia gerardiana −−> Euphorbia seguieriana D F HR
Euphorbia graminifolia / Grassleaf Spurge E
Euphorbia helioscopia / Sun Spurge A Cor D F HR Mal Rho
Euphorbia hirsuta / Hairy Spurge Cor Mal
Euphorbia hohenackeri −−> Euphorbia orphanidis ? GR
Euphorbia humifusa −−> Chamaesyce humifusa D
Euphorbia hyberna / Irish Spurge Cor F
Euphorbia kerneri −−> Euphorbia triflora subsp. kerneri SLO
Euphorbia lamarckii −−> Euphorbia broussonetii Gom Ten
Euphorbia lathyris / Caper Spurge D F HR
Euphorbia lucida / Shining Spurge D
Euphorbia maculata −−> Chamaesyce maculata D
Euphorbia margalidiana / Les Margalides Spurge Mal
Euphorbia marginata / Variegated Spurge, White-Margined Spurge D GR
Euphorbia myrsinites / Myrtle Spurge D GR Les Sam Siz
Euphorbia nicaeensis / Southern Spurge, Honey-Flowered Spurge D F
Euphorbia nutans −−> Chamaesyce nutans GR
Euphorbia oblongata / Eggleaf Spurge Les
Euphorbia obtusifolia var. wildpretii −−> Euphorbia broussonetii Gom Ten
Euphorbia orphanidis / Orphanides' Spurge ? GR
Euphorbia palustris / Marsh Spurge D HR
Euphorbia paralias / Sea Spurge Cor F GR IRL
Euphorbia peplis −−> Chamaesyce peplis Cor E F GR
Euphorbia peplus / Petty Spurge Cor D Mal Rho Sam
Euphorbia pithyusa / Spurge D
Euphorbia platyphyllos / Broad-Leaved Spurge D
Euphorbia polychroma −−> Euphorbia epithymoides A
Euphorbia prostrata −−> Chamaesyce prostrata D F GR HR I
Euphorbia pubescens −−> Euphorbia hirsuta Cor Mal
Euphorbia pulcherrima / Painted Leaf, Common Poinsettia Pal Ten
Euphorbia rigida / Rigid Spurge Chi GR
Euphorbia robbiae / Spurge D
Euphorbia saratoi / Twiggy Spurge D F
Euphorbia segetalis / Grainfield Spurge Cor F HR I
Euphorbia seguieriana / Seguier's Spurge D F HR
Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. loiseleurii / Loiseleur's Spurge A
Euphorbia seguieriana var. minor −−> Euphorbia seguieriana subsp. loiseleurii A
Euphorbia serpens −−> Chamaesyce serpens D E
Euphorbia serrata / Serrate Spurge E F Mal
Euphorbia serratula −−> Euphorbia stricta D
Euphorbia spinosa / Spiny Spurge F HR I
Euphorbia stricta / Upright Spurge D
Euphorbia triflora subsp. kerneri / Kerner's Spurge SLO
Euphorbia verrucosa / Warty Spurge D F HR S
Euphorbia villosa / Hairy Spurge E
Euphorbia virgata / Leafy Spurge A
Euphorbia virgultosa −−> Euphorbia saratoi D F
Euphorbia waldsteinii −−> Euphorbia virgata A
Mercurialis / Mercury (2 Taxa) A Cor D GR HR I Kre Mal NL Rho Sam
Ricinus communis / Castor Oil-Plant GR Kre Rho Ten

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