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Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) / Umbellifers

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Aegopodium podagraria / Ground Goutweed, Bishop's Elder D E HR
Aethusa / Fool's Parsley (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D HR IRL
Ammi / Bullwort (2 Taxa) D S
Anethum / Dill (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) D S Sam
Angelica / Angelica (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A D E F HR NL S
Anthriscus / Chervil, Parsley (6 Taxa) A D F HR SLO Sam
Apiaceae / Umbellifer (5 Taxa) F GR HR
Apium / Water-Cress, Marshwort (4 Taxa) D F NL
Astrantia / Masterwort (4 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A And D E F HR SLO
Astydamia latifolia / Astydamia Ten
Athamanta / Candy Carrot (2 Taxa) A F HR SLO
Berula erecta / Lesser Water Parsnip D F HR I
Bifora radians / Wild Bishop D I
Bunium / Pignut (2 Taxa) D HR Mal Rho
Bupleurum / Hare's Ear, Thorough-Wax (15 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D E F GR HR I Mal Sam
Carum / Caraway (3 Taxa) A D E F GR I S
Caucalis platycarpos / Small Bur Parsley A D Les
Cervaria rivini −−> Peucedanum cervaria D HR
Chaerophyllum / Chervil (7 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A CH D F GR HR I Les Rho
Cicuta virosa / Cowbane, Water Hemlock D
Cnidium dubium / Cnidium dubium D
Conium maculatum / Hemlock D DK
Conopodium majus / Pignut F I
Coriandrum sativum / Coriander Seeds, Cilandro D F S
Coristospermum lucidum −−> Ligusticum lucidum E F
Crithmum maritimum / Rock Samphire E F GR IRL NL
Daucus / Carrot (8 Taxa) Cor D F GR I Mal Rho
Dethawia / Dethawia (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) E
Dichoropetalum / Hog's Fennel (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) F Sam
Echinophora spinosa / Prickly Samphire, Sea Parsnip F GR
Elaeoselinum asclepium / Elaeoselinum Mal
Epikeros pyrenaicus −−> Selinum pyrenaeum F
Eryngium / Eryngo (7 Taxa) A Cor D E F GB GR HR I NL S SLO
Falcaria vulgaris / Longleaf A D
Ferula / Giant Fennel (3 Taxa) Cor D GR HR Les Rho Sam
Ferulago / Fennel (3 Taxa + 2 Syn.) Chi GR HR I SLO Sam
Foeniculum / Fennel (2 Taxa) D E F GR HR NL
Hacquetia epipactis / Dwarf Masterwort A HR S
Hellenocarum multiflorum −−> Carum multiflorum GR
Helosciadium / Water-Cress, Marshwort (2 Syn.) D F NL
Heptaptera colladonioides / Colladonia-Like Cachrys GR
Heracleum / Hogweed (8 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A D E F HR Les NL SLO
Hippomarathrum vulgare −−> Seseli hippomarathrum D
Holandrea carvifolia −−> Peucedanum carvifolia F
Hydrocotyle / Pennywort (3 Taxa) D F IRL S
Imperatoria ostruthium −−> Peucedanum ostruthium A And D F
Kundmannia sicula / Sicilian Kundmannia D
Laser trilobum / Gladich D
Laserpitium / Sermountain (11 Taxa + 3 Syn.)
Laserpitium angustifolium −−> Laserpitium gallicum F
Laserpitium archangelica / Angelica Sermountain HR
Laserpitium gallicum / French Sermountain F
Laserpitium gaudinii / Gaudin's Sermountain I
Laserpitium halleri / Haller's Sermountain CH
Laserpitium krapfii / Krapf's Sermountain HR
Laserpitium krapfii subsp. gaudinii −−> Laserpitium gaudinii I
Laserpitium latifolium / Broad-Leaved Sermountain A D F HR
Laserpitium nestleri / Nestler's Sermountain F
Laserpitium peucedanoides / Sermountain A HR I
Laserpitium prutenicum / Prussian Sermountain D
Laserpitium prutenicum subsp. dufourianum / Dufour's Sermountain E
Laserpitium siler / Narrow-Leaved Sermountain A F HR I SLO
Laserpitium verticillatum −−> Physospermum verticillatum HR
Lecokia cretica / Cretan Lecokia Chi Kre
Levisticum officinale / Lovage Cor D S
Libanotis pyrenaica −−> Seseli libanotis A Cor D F HR SLO
Ligusticum / Lovage (4 Taxa + 1 Syn.) A Cor D E F
Malabaila / Malabaila (2 Taxa) GR
Meum / Spignel (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) A D F
Microsciadium minutum / Microsciadium Rho
Molopospermum peloponnesiacum / Striped Hemlock F I
Mutellina / Mutelline (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) A Cor D
Myrrhis odorata / Sweet Cicely F HR I S SLO
Myrrhoides nodosa −−> Chaerophyllum nodosum Les Rho
Oenanthe / Water Dropwort (7 Taxa) Cor D F HR Kre Rho Sam
Opopanax hispidus / Hispid Sweet Myrrh GR Sam
Oreoselinum majus −−> Peucedanum oreoselinum D F I
Orlaya / Orlaya (3 Taxa + 2 Syn.) Chi D F GR HR I Rho
Pachypleurum mutellinoides −−> Ligusticum mutellinoides A
Pastinaca / Parsnip (3 Taxa) D GR HR Mal
Petroselinum crispum / Parsley D I S
Peucedanum / Parsley, Hog's Fennel (11 Taxa + 3 Syn.) A And D F HR I S Sam
Phellandrium aquaticum −−> Oenanthe aquatica D
Physospermum / Bladderseed (2 Taxa) E HR
Pimpinella / Burnet Saxifrage (8 Taxa) A D E F GR HR I Kre Mal S
Pleurospermum austriacum / Austrian Pleurospermum A D HR
Prangos colladonioides −−> Heptaptera colladonioides GR
Pseudorlaya pumila / False Orlaya, Small Carrot E Les Mal
Sanicula europaea / Sanicle A D F
Scaligeria / Scaligeria (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.) GR
Scandix / Shepherd's Needle (4 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D GR HR Kre Les Mal Rho
Selinum / Milk Parsley, Angelica (2 Taxa + 2 Syn.) D F
Seseli / Seseli (13 Taxa + 6 Syn.) A Cor D E F GR HR I SLO
Silaum silaus / Pepper Saxifrage D
Sium latifolium / Greater Water Parsnip A D
Smyrnium / Alexanders (4 Taxa + 1 Syn.) D GR HR I Kre Les Mal Rho Sam Sar
Thapsia / Thapsia (2 Taxa) F GR Kre Mal
Thysselinum palustre −−> Peucedanum palustre D F HR S
Tordylium / Hartwort (2 Taxa) Chi D GR Kre Les Rho Sam
Torilis / Hedge Parsley (3 Taxa) Cor D F GR HR I S
Trinia glauca / Honewort A D F GR
Turgenia latifolia / Greater Bur Parsley D
Xanthoselinum alsaticum −−> Peucedanum alsaticum D
Xatardia scabra / Xatardia E F

This Family acc. to Relationship
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