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Photos of European Plants according to the APG System:
Colchicaceae / Autumn Crocus Family

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Preview image Colchicum multiflorum / Many-Flowered Autumn Crocus ? E
Colchicum cupanii / Cupani's Autumn Crocus GR
Colchicum alpinum / Alpine Autumn Crocus F
Colchicum autumnale / Meadow Saffron, Autumn Crocus A D F I
Colchicum neapolitanum / Naples Autumn Crocus Colchicum longifolium F I
Colchicum lingulatum / Tongue Autumn Crocus GR
Colchicum macrophyllum / Large-Leaved Autumn Crocus Rho
Colchicum variegatum / Variegated Autumn Crocus ? Les
Colchicum bivonae / False Autumn Crocus Colchicum bowlesianum GR
Colchicum filifolium / Yam-Leaved Autumn Crocus Merendera filifolia F
Colchicum bornmuelleri / Bornmueller's False Autumn Crocus D
Colchicum cilicicum / Cilician False Autumn Crocus D
Colchicum bulbocodium / Spring Meadow Saffron Bulbocodium vernum CH F
Colchicum montanum / Merendera Merendera pyrenaica, Merendera montana E

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