Photos of European Orchids according to Scientific Names

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Aceras anthropophorum / Man Orchid Militares CH D F GR HR I Kre P
Anacamptis / Orchid (34 Taxa + 2 Syn.)
Androrchis / Orchid (22 Syn.)
Anteriorchis / Orchid (4 Syn.)
Barlia / Giant Orchid (2 Taxa)
Calypso bulbosa / Calypso, Fairy Slipper Orchid - S
Cephalanthera / Helleborine (11 Taxa + 1 Syn.)
Chamorchis alpina / Alpine Orchid - A F I
Coeloglossum (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.)
Comperia comperiana / Komper's Orchid - Les TR
Corallorrhiza trifida / Coral-root Orchid - A D F HR I S
Cypripedium calceolus / Lady's Slipper, Ladyslipper - A D F I
Dactylorhiza / Orchid (64 Taxa + 15 Syn.)
Epipactis / Helleborine (68 Taxa + 20 Syn.)
Epipogium aphyllum / Ghost Orchid - A D
Gennaria diphylla / Two-Leaved Gennaria - P Pal Sar Ten
Goodyera repens / Creeping Lady's-Tresses - A D F PL S
Gymnadenia / Fragrant Orchid (8 Taxa + 14 Syn.)
Habenaria tridactylites / Tree-lobed Habenaria - Ten
Hammarbya paludosa / Bog Orchid - D
Hemipilia cucullata --> Neottianthe cucullata - PL
Herminium monorchis / Musk Orchid - A D Est GB I
Herorchis / Orchid (21 Syn.)
Himantoglossum / Lizard Orchid (7 Taxa + 4 Syn.)
Leucorchis / White Orchid (2 Syn.)
Limodorum / Limodore (6 Taxa)
Liparis / Fen Orchid (2 Taxa)
Listera / Twayblade (2 Taxa)
Lysiella oligantha --> Platanthera oligantha - S
Malaxis / Bog Orchid (1 Taxon + 1 Syn.)
Neotinea / Orchid (7 Taxa + 1 Syn.)
Neottia / Bird's-Nest Orchid (1 Taxon + 2 Syn.)
Neottianthe cucullata / Pink Frog Orchid - PL
Nigritella / Vanilla Orchid (23 Taxa + 3 Syn.)
Odontorchis / Orchid (4 Syn.)
Ophrys / Bee Orchid (326 Taxa + 71 Syn.)
Ophrys abchasica / Abchasian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae AZ
Ophrys adonidis / Adonis Orchid Mammosae IL
Ophrys aegaea / Bee Orchid Argolicae
Ophrys aegirtica --> Ophrys truncata Fuciflorae F
Ophrys aesculapii / Asklepios' Bee Orchid Araneiferae GR
Ophrys alasiatica / Alasia Bee Orchid Mammosae Zyp
Ophrys amanensis / Bee Orchid Mammosae
Ophrys annae / Anna's Bee Orchid Fuciflorae Sar
Ophrys antalyensis / Antalya Bee Orchid Mammosae TR
Ophrys aphrodite / Aphrodite Orchid Fuciflorae Zyp
Ophrys apifera / Bee Orchid Apiferae
Ophrys apiformis --> Ophrys sphegifera Umbilicatae E P
Ophrys apollonae / Apollona Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) Rho
Ophrys apulica / Apulian Bee Orchid Fuciflorae I
Ophrys arachnitiformis / False Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys araneifera --> Ophrys sphegodes Araneiferae D E F HR I
Ophrys araneola / Small Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys archimedea / Archimedes Orchid  (Deutsch / English) Fusci (Luteae) Siz
Ophrys archipelagi --> Ophrys exaltata subsp. archipelagi Araneiferae HR I
Ophrys argensonensis / Argenson Spider Orchid Araneiferae F
Ophrys argentaria / Monte Argentario Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys argolica / Argolis Bee Orchid Argolicae GR
Ophrys ariadnae / Karpathos Bee Orchid Reinholdiae Kre
Ophrys arnoldii / Arnold's Orchid Fusci E Mal
Ophrys aspea / Aspis Ophrys Fusci (Luteae) Tun
Ophrys astarte Umbilicatae Zyp
Ophrys atlantica / Atlas Ophrys Fusci (Omegaiferae) E
Ophrys atrata --> Ophrys incubacea Araneiferae F HR I Mal P Sar Siz
Ophrys attaviria / Attavyros Ophrys Fusci Rho
Ophrys attica / Attican Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys aurelia / Via Aurelia Orchid Bertoloniorum F I
Ophrys ausonia / Monti Ausoni Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys aveyronensis / Aveyron Spider Orchid Araneiferae E F
Ophrys aymoninii / Aymonin's Ophrys Musciferae F
Ophrys balearica / Balearic Orchid Bertoloniorum Ibi Mal
Ophrys basilissa / Royal Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) Chi Kre
Ophrys benacensis Bertoloniorum I
Ophrys bertolonii / Bertoloni's Bee Orchid Bertoloniorum I Siz
Ophrys bertoloniiformis / False Bertoloni Bee Orchid Bertoloniorum I
Ophrys biancae / Bianca's Orchid Fuciflorae Siz
Ophrys bilunulata Fusci
Ophrys biscutella / Shield Orchid Argolicae I
Ophrys blitopertha / Blitopertha Beetle Fusci Rho
Ophrys bombyliflora / Bumble Bee Orchid Bombyliflorae F GR HR I Kre Mal Rho Sam Sar
Ophrys brutia / Brutia Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys bucephala / Bull-Headed Orchid Umbilicatae Chi Les
Ophrys caesiella  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys calliantha Fuciflorae Siz
Ophrys calocaerina / Summer Bee Orchid Fusci GR Siz
Ophrys caloptera --> Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis Araneiferae E F
Ophrys calypsus Umbilicatae
Ophrys candica Fuciflorae
Ophrys carmeli / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae IL
Ophrys castellana Araneiferae E
Ophrys catalaunica / Catalonian Bee Orchid Bertoloniorum E F
Ophrys caucasica / Caucasian Bee Orchid Mammosae AZ
Ophrys cephalonica --> Ophrys exaltata subsp. cephalonica Araneiferae GR HR
Ophrys cephaloniensis / Cephalonia Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Kef
Ophrys cerastes / Horsefly Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys ceto / Ceto Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys chestermanii / Chesterman's Orchid Fuciflorae Sar
Ophrys chiosica / Chios Bee Orchid Fuciflorae Chi
Ophrys cilentana Araneiferae I
Ophrys ciliata --> Ophrys speculum Ciliatae E F Mal Sar Siz Tun
Ophrys cilicica / Cilician Orchid Reinholdiae TR
Ophrys cinereophila Fusci
Ophrys classica Araneiferae I
Ophrys climacis / Orchid Argolicae TR
Ophrys colossaea / Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae Rho
Ophrys conradiae / Madame Conrad's Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Sar
Ophrys corbariensis / Corbières Bee Orchid Umbilicatae E F
Ophrys cornutula / Small Ophrys Umbilicatae Rho
Ophrys corsica / Corsian Yellow Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) Sar
Ophrys crabronifera / Hornet Ophrys Argolicae I
Ophrys creberrima Fusci Kre
Ophrys cretensis / Cretan Spider Orchid Araneiferae Kre
Ophrys cretica / Cretan Bee Orchid Reinholdiae
Ophrys creticola / Cretan Dull Orchid Fusci Kre
Ophrys cyclocheila / Round-Lipped Bee Orchid Mammosae AZ
Ophrys delforgei / Delforge's Ophrys Fusci F
Ophrys delphinensis / Delphi Orchid Argolicae GR
Ophrys dianica --> Ophrys lucentina Fusci E
Ophrys dicipulus --> Ophrys sepioides Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys dinarica / Dinarian Orchid Fuciflorae HR I
Ophrys discors --> Ophrys biancae Fuciflorae Siz
Ophrys dodekanensis --> Ophrys heterochila Fuciflorae Chi Rho Sam TR
Ophrys doerfleri / Doerfler's Orchid Mammosae Kre
Ophrys druentica / Durance Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae F
Ophrys drumana / Drome Ophrys Bertoloniorum F
Ophrys dyris / Moroccan Bee Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) E Mal
Ophrys elatior Fuciflorae D
Ophrys elegans / Elegant Bee Orchid Argolicae Zyp
Ophrys eleonorae Fusci (Iricolores) Sar Tun
Ophrys eos --> Ophrys speculum subsp. orientalis Ciliatae GR Rho
Ophrys epirotica / Epirus Orchid Araneiferae GR
Ophrys episcopalis Fuciflorae
Ophrys eptapigiensis Fusci Rho
Ophrys exaltata / Bee Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys explanata Bertoloniorum Siz
Ophrys fabrella / Fabrella Orchid Fusci Mal
Ophrys ferrum-equinum / Horseshoe Orchid Mammosae
Ophrys ficalhoana / Late Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae E P
Ophrys flammeola  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys flavicans / Dalmatian Bee Orchid Bertoloniorum HR
Ophrys flavomarginata Umbilicatae Zyp
Ophrys fleischmannii / Fleischmann's Ophrys Fusci (Omegaiferae) Kre
Ophrys forestieri / Dull Orchid Fusci E F
Ophrys fuciflora / Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae
Ophrys funerea --> Ophrys zonata Fusci Sar
Ophrys fusca / Dull Ophrys Fusci
Ophrys gackiae / Gack's Ophrys  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys galilaea --> Ophrys sicula Fusci (Luteae) GR I Kre Les Rho Sam Siz
Ophrys gallica --> Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis Araneiferae E F I
Ophrys garganica / Bee Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys gortynia / Gortyn Ophrys Araneiferae Kre
Ophrys gottfriediana / Gottfried Keller's Bee Orchid Mammosae GR
Ophrys gracilis Fuciflorae I
Ophrys grammica / Grammos Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys grandiflora / Sicilian Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae Siz
Ophrys gravinensis / Gravina Bee Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys gresivaudanica / Grésivaudan Bee Orchid Fuciflorae F
Ophrys grigoriana / Grigoria Bee Orchid Mammosae Kre
Ophrys halia Fuciflorae Rho
Ophrys hebes Araneiferae GR
Ophrys heldreichii / Heldreich's Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys helenae Araneiferae GR
Ophrys hellenica / Greek Yellow Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) GR
Ophrys herae / Hera Orchid Mammosae
Ophrys hespera --> Ophrys sulcata Fusci F I
Ophrys heterochila Fuciflorae Chi Rho Sam TR
Ophrys holoserica / Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae
Ophrys holosericea --> Ophrys holoserica Fuciflorae D F I
Ophrys holubyana / Holuby's Orchid Fuciflorae CZ
Ophrys homeri / Homer's Bee Orchid Fuciflorae Chi Les Sam
Ophrys hygrophila Umbilicatae TR
Ophrys hystera / Late Bosom Orchid Mammosae GR
Ophrys iceliensis / Icel Orchid Mammosae TR
Ophrys illyrica / Illyrian Spider Orchid Araneiferae HR
Ophrys incantata / Spider Orchid Araneiferae HR
Ophrys incubacea / Black Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys insectifera / Fly Orchid Musciferae
Ophrys integra --> Ophrys apifera var. tilaventina Apiferae I
Ophrys iricolor / Rainbow Bee Orchid Fusci (Iricolores)
Ophrys isaura / Isaurian Ophrys Umbilicatae TR
Ophrys israelitica / Israel Ophrys Fusci (Omegaiferae) Zyp
Ophrys kedra / Cedar Orchid Fusci GR Kre
Ophrys konyana / Konya Bee Orchid Mammosae TR
Ophrys korae / Kore Bee Orchid Tenthrediniferae Rho
Ophrys kotschyi / Cyprus Bee Orchid Reinholdiae Zyp
Ophrys kreutzii / Kreutz' Bee Orchid Umbilicatae TR
Ophrys kurdica --> Ophrys cilicica Reinholdiae TR
Ophrys labiosa / Lipped Orchid Mammosae Chi TR
Ophrys lacaena / Laconian Bee Orchid Fuciflorae GR
Ophrys lacaitae / Lacaita's Ophrys Fuciflorae I Siz
Ophrys lapethica / Lapethos Bee Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys latilabris / Wide-Lipped Bee Orchid Umbilicatae IL
Ophrys laurensis  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys leochroma / Lion-Maned Orchid Tenthrediniferae Chi GR Kre Rho
Ophrys lepida Fusci (Luteae) Sar
Ophrys lesbis / Lesbos Bee Orchid Argolicae Les
Ophrys leucophthalma / White-Eyed Bee Orchid Mammosae GR
Ophrys levantina / Levant Ophrys Fuciflorae Zyp
Ophrys liburnica / Liburnian Spider Orchid Araneiferae HR
Ophrys ligustica --> Ophrys incubacea subsp. castri-caesaris Araneiferae F I
Ophrys lindia / Athena-Lindia's Orchid Fusci Rho
Ophrys linearis Fuciflorae F
Ophrys litigiosa --> Ophrys araneola Araneiferae D F
Ophrys lucana / Lucanian Orchid Fusci I
Ophrys lucentina / Alicante Orchid Fusci E
Ophrys lucifera / Light-Bearing Orchid Fusci I
Ophrys lucis Argolicae Rho
Ophrys lunulata / Crescent Ophrys Araneiferae Siz
Ophrys lupercalis --> Ophrys forestieri Fusci E F
Ophrys lusitanica --> Ophrys vernixia Ciliatae P
Ophrys lutea / Yellow Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae)
Ophrys lycia / Lycian Orchid Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys lyciensis / Lycian Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys magniflora / Large-Flowered Bee Orchid Bertoloniorum F
Ophrys majellensis Araneiferae I
Ophrys malacitana / Malaga Dull Ophrys Fusci E
Ophrys mammosa / Mammosa Orchid Mammosae
Ophrys massiliensis / Marseille Spider Orchid Araneiferae F
Ophrys masticorum / Masticohoria Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Chi
Ophrys mateolana --> Ophrys exaltata subsp. archipelagi Araneiferae HR I
Ophrys mavrochila / Black-Lipped Spider Orchid Mammosae Kef
Ophrys mavromata / Black-Eyes Orchid Araneiferae Kef
Ophrys medea / Medea Orchid Fuciflorae HR
Ophrys melena / Darklip Orchid Fusci (Luteae) GR
Ophrys melitensis / Maltesian Ophrys Araneiferae Mlt
Ophrys mesaritica / Mesarian Bee Orchid Fusci (Iricolores)
Ophrys minipassionis / Small-Flowered Easter Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys minuscula Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys minutula / Elisabeth's Small-flowered Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Chi Les
Ophrys mirabilis  (Deutsch / English) Fusci (Omegaiferae) Siz
Ophrys montenegrina / Montenegro Spider Orchid Araneiferae HR
Ophrys montis-aviarii / Mont-des-Oiseaux Bee Orchid Fuciflorae F
Ophrys montis-leonis --> Ophrys exaltata subsp. tyrrhena Araneiferae I
Ophrys morio Mammosae Zyp
Ophrys morisii / Moris' Orchid Argolicae Sar
Ophrys mycenensis / Mycenae Orchid Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys negadensis / Negades Orchid Araneiferae GR
Ophrys neglecta / Italian Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae
Ophrys nestoris / Nestor's Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys normanii Tenthrediniferae Sar
Ophrys obaesa  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys oblita Fuciflorae IL TR
Ophrys oestrifera / Bee Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys omegaifera Fusci (Omegaiferae) Chi Kre Rho
Ophrys oreas / Oreades Orchid Fuciflorae Rho
Ophrys orientalis / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Zyp
Ophrys orphanidea / Orphanides' Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Chi
Ophrys oxyrrhynchos Fuciflorae
Ophrys pallida / Pale Ophrys  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys pallidula Fusci Kre
Ophrys panattensis / Ogliastra Orchid Araneiferae Sar
Ophrys panormitana / Palermo Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys parosica / Paros' Orchid Fusci Chi GR Sam
Ophrys parvimaculata / Small-Patterned Ophrys Fuciflorae I
Ophrys parvula Fusci Rho
Ophrys passionis --> Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis Araneiferae E F
Ophrys pelinaea / Pelinaio's Bee Orchid Fusci Chi Les Sam
Ophrys penelopeae / Penelope Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) Kef
Ophrys perpusilla Fusci GR
Ophrys persephonae / Persephons's Bee Orchid Fusci Rho
Ophrys phaidra Fusci Kre
Ophrys phaseliana / Phaselis Orchid Fusci Chi TR
Ophrys philippei / Philippe's Bee Orchid  (Deutsch / English) Umbilicatae F
Ophrys philippi --> Ophrys philippei Umbilicatae F
Ophrys philippii --> Ophrys philippei Umbilicatae F
Ophrys phryganae / Phrygana Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) Chi GR Kre Rho
Ophrys phrygia / Phrygian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Chi GR TR
Ophrys pollinensis Argolicae I
Ophrys polyxo / Polyxo Orchid Umbilicatae Rho
Ophrys posidonia / Paestum Orchid Fuciflorae I
Ophrys praecox --> Ophrys panormitana subsp. praecox Araneiferae Cor Sar
Ophrys praemelena / Early Darklip Orchid Fusci (Luteae) GR
Ophrys promontorii Araneiferae I
Ophrys provincialis / Provence Bee Orchid Argolicae
Ophrys pseudoatrata / False Black Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys pseudoscolopax --> Ophrys linearis Fuciflorae F
Ophrys punctulata --> Ophrys bilunulata subsp. punctulata Fusci GR HR
Ophrys purpurea --> Ophrys apifera var. tilaventina Apiferae I
Ophrys quadriloba --> Ophrys riojana Araneiferae E
Ophrys quarteirae / Quarteira Ophrys Fusci (Luteae) P
Ophrys regis-ferdinandii Ciliatae Chi Rho Sam
Ophrys reinholdii / Reinhold's Bee Orchid Reinholdiae
Ophrys rhodia / Rhodian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Rho
Ophrys rhodostephane Umbilicatae HR
Ophrys riojana / La Rioja Orchid Araneiferae E
Ophrys romolinii --> Ophrys bertolonii Bertoloniorum I Siz
Ophrys sabulosa  (Deutsch / English) Fusci Siz
Ophrys saliarisii / Saliaris Orchid Fuciflorae Chi Rho
Ophrys samia / Samos Bee Orchid Fuciflorae Sam
Ophrys samiotissa / Samian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Sam
Ophrys santonica / Saintonge Bee Orchid Umbilicatae F
Ophrys saratoi / Sarato's Bee Orchid Bertoloniorum F I
Ophrys schlechteriana --> Ophrys sepioides Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys schulzei / Schulze's Bee Orchid Umbilicatae TR
Ophrys scolopax / Woodcock Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys sepioides / Schlechter's Orchid Umbilicatae GR
Ophrys serotina Fuciflorae I
Ophrys sicula / Sicilian Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) GR I Kre Les Rho Sam Siz
Ophrys sipontensis / Siponto Bee Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys sitiaca / Sitia Bee Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) Kre Rho
Ophrys souchei / Vaucluse Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae F
Ophrys spectabilis / Spectacular Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae Mal
Ophrys speculum / Mirror Orchid Ciliatae
Ophrys sphaciotica --> Ophrys grigoriana Mammosae Kre
Ophrys sphegifera / Tunisian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae E P
Ophrys sphegodes / Early Spider Orchid Araneiferae
Ophrys splendida Araneiferae F
Ophrys spruneri / Spruner's Orchid Mammosae GR Kre
Ophrys stavri / Stavros' Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR Kef
Ophrys straussii / Strauss' Bee Orchid Reinholdiae TR
Ophrys subfusca Fusci E F Mal
Ophrys subinsectifera Musciferae E
Ophrys sulcata / Furrowed Dull Orchid Fusci F I
Ophrys taigetica / Taigetos Orchid Araneiferae GR
Ophrys tardans Tenthrediniferae I
Ophrys tarentina Araneiferae I
Ophrys tarquinia Araneiferae I
Ophrys tenthredinifera / Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae
Ophrys tetraloniae Fuciflorae HR I
Ophrys thriptiensis / Early Thripti Orchid Fusci Kre
Ophrys tommasinii / Istrian Spider Orchid Araneiferae HR
Ophrys transhyrcana / Bee Orchid Mammosae
Ophrys truncata / Truncated Bee Orchid Fuciflorae F
Ophrys tyrrhena --> Ophrys exaltata subsp. tyrrhena Araneiferae I
Ophrys ulyssea / Ulysses Bee Orchid Tenthrediniferae GR Kef
Ophrys umbilicata / Carmel Bee Orchid Umbilicatae
Ophrys untchjii / Untchj's Orchid Fuciflorae HR
Ophrys urteae / Beetle Fusci TR
Ophrys vasconica / Gascogne Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) E F
Ophrys vernixia Ciliatae P
Ophrys vetula Umbilicatae F I
Ophrys villosa / Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae
Ophrys virescens Araneiferae F
Ophrys vitorica --> Ophrys aveyronensis Araneiferae E F
Ophrys zeusii Araneiferae GR
Ophrys zinsmeisteri / Zinsmeister's Orchid Fuciflorae HR
Ophrys zonata Fusci Sar
Orchis / Orchid (39 Taxa + 50 Syn.)
Paludorchis / Orchid (5 Syn.)
Platanthera / Butterfly Orchid (11 Taxa + 3 Syn.)
Ponerorchis cucullata --> Neottianthe cucullata - PL
Pseudorchis / White Orchid (2 Taxa + 1 Syn.)
Serapias / Serapias (29 Taxa + 4 Syn.)
Spiranthes / Lady's-Tresses (3 Taxa)
Steveniella / Hooded Orchid (2 Taxa)
Traunsteinera / Globe Orchid (2 Taxa)
Vermeulenia / Orchid (8 Syn.)

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