schwarz / black Photos of European Plants   -   Bloom Color: black

Other Color:  
weiss / white    
gelb / yellow    
rot + orange / red + orange    
rosa / pink    
lila + violett / lilac + violet    
blau / blue    
grün / green    
braun / brown    

Preview pict.Species, Subspecies, Variety, Forma Section Photos from
Preview image Nigritella austriaca / Austrian Kohlröschen - A F
Nigritella austriaca subsp. iberica / Spanish Kohlröschen - F
Nigritella cenisia / Mont Cenis Kohlröschen - F
Nigritella gabasiana / Gabas Kohlröschen - E F
Nigritella rhellicani / Kohlröschen - A F I
Ophrys atlantica / Atlas Ophrys Fusci (omegaifera s.l.) E
Ophrys attaviria / Attavyros Ophrys Fusci Rho
Ophrys aurelia / Via Aurelia Orchid Bertoloniorum F I
Ophrys benacensis Bertoloniorum I
Ophrys bertolonii / Bertoloni's Ragwurz Bertoloniorum I Siz
Ophrys bertoloniiformis / False Bertoloni Ragwurz Bertoloniorum I
Ophrys catalaunica / Catalonian Ragwurz Bertoloniorum E F
Ophrys cephaloniensis / Cephalonia Ragwurz Umbilicatae Kef
Ophrys cretica / Cretan Ragwurz Reinholdiae GR Kre
Ophrys cretica subsp. beloniae / Naxos Ragwurz Reinholdiae Rho
Ophrys creticola / Cretan Dull Orchid Fusci Kre
Ophrys doerfleri / Doerfler's Orchid Mammosae Kre
Ophrys drumana / Drome Ophrys Bertoloniorum F
Ophrys eptapigiensis Fusci Rho
Ophrys explanata Bertoloniorum Siz
Ophrys ferrum-equinum / Horseshoe Orchid Mammosae Chi GR Les Rho Sam
Ophrys fleischmannii / Fleischmann's Ophrys Fusci (omegaifera s.l.) Kre
Ophrys garganica subsp. garganica / Gargano Ragwurz Araneiferae I Siz
Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis / Passion Ragwurz Araneiferae E F
Ophrys gottfriediana / Gottfried Keller's Ragwurz Mammosae GR
Ophrys grigoriana / Grigoria Ragwurz Mammosae Kre
Ophrys incubacea / Black Spider Orchid Araneiferae F HR I Mal P Sar Siz
Ophrys incubacea subsp. castri-caesaris / Saint-Cezaire Black Spider Orchid Araneiferae F I
Ophrys iricolor / Rainbow Ragwurz Fusci (iricolor s.l.) Chi GR Kre Rho Sam Zyp
Ophrys kedra / Cedar Orchid Fusci GR Kre
Ophrys kotschyi / Cyprus Ragwurz Reinholdiae Zyp
Ophrys labiosa / Lipped Orchid Mammosae Chi TR
Ophrys lycia / Lycian Orchid Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys lyciensis / Lycian Late Spider Orchid Fuciflorae TR
Ophrys magniflora / Large-Flowered Ragwurz Bertoloniorum F
Ophrys majellensis Araneiferae I
Ophrys melitensis / Maltesian Ophrys Araneiferae Mlt
Ophrys mirabilis Fusci (omegaifera s.l.) Siz
Ophrys parvula Fusci Rho
Ophrys promontorii Araneiferae I
Ophrys reinholdii / Reinhold's Ragwurz Reinholdiae Chi Rho Sam
Ophrys saratoi / Sarato's Ragwurz Bertoloniorum F I
Ophrys spruneri / Spruner's Orchid Mammosae GR Kre
Ophrys virescens Araneiferae F

Other Color:  
weiss / white    
gelb / yellow    
rot + orange / red + orange    
rosa / pink    
lila + violett / lilac + violet    
blau / blue    
grün / green    
braun / brown    

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