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Out of the numerous arachnitiforme Ophrys in Southern France GÖLZ and REINHARD isolated Ophrys splendida in 1986, a rather small flowered orchid with remarkably orange edges at the petals. Near the coast of the Provence the orchid is not rare. Ophrys splendida is pollinated by the bee Andrena squalida, as reported by PAULUS & GACK in Jour.Eur.Orch.31(2).

A small amount of Ophrys looking like splendida is also available in the Haute-Normandie in Northern France, see L'Orchidophile 27(124). I can't remember where I have read, that Andrena squalida is not occurring there. Currently it's not yet known which insect is the pollinator there.

Ophrys splendida
F Martigues 1.5.05

Ophrys splendida
left:   F Bagnols-en-Foret 17.5.04
right: F Bagnols-en-Foret 28.4.02


Ophrys splendida
left:   F Puget-sur-Argens 24.4.99
right: F Maures 9.5.00

Ophrys splendida
left:   F Massif de l'Estaque 17.4.99
right: F Massif de l'Estaque 14.4.01

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